365 Days of Robert Pattinson: April 21 - Fave Pic Edit Of The Day

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: April 21 - Fave Pic Edit Of The Day

I know it's already the 22nd for many of you but better late than never! Especially when we have a day showcasing the talents in Rob's fandom. :)

"After the “Maps To The Stars” news this week I’m loving this edit by CreationsByJules of Robenberg from Cannes. Looking forward to seeing these 2 reunited again!"

 photo Julesrob-and-dc_cannes.png

"flushed in his embarrassment and handsome in his delight. i remember this moment on Strombo. i already loved the show because of the level of respect they showed Rob and his work (felt like a mini Inside Actors Studio) but this sweet moment was one of the cutest. it was after being shown a clip from his cut appearance in the film Vanity Fair and when he uncovered his eyes. "
 photo tumblr_mlm020NRr31s1a56xo1_500.jpg
source: iadorepattinson

"This could be a wallpaper, or an edit.. or both! But it’s my fave for today. Cocked eyebrow, smirk, dimple …. twinkle in his eye."

 photo tumblr_mlmvspIpFM1qf3lw1o1_1280.jpg

Click for HQ!
 photo tumblr_mlmvspIpFM1qf3lw1o1_1280.jpg

Click the thumbnail if you need to review the April calendar. If you missed the whole year, there's a link on the sidebar :)
 photo April-1.jpg

If you post your 365DoR links in the comments, give us time to approve them so the DR can see :)


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