Blast from the Past: Robert Pattinson in the Haunted Airman

A real Blast from the Past with this post! I remember seeing the Haunted Airman on TV and thinking "Wow! That guy is good looking!" I didn't know then the good looking guy was Robert Pattinson and that years later we'd all be admiring 'that jaw'!!

Were these the images that first caught you attention too?

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The Haunted Airman was a BBC movie where Rob played a British airman:
"Robert Pattinson was in a  wheelchair for the Haunted Airman, a made for TV movie, based on Dennis Wheatley’s ‘40s occult thriller, The Haunting Of Toby Jugg.At the time, it was a fresh, riveting idea. A disabled British airman recovers from his time in battle. Pattinson’s version was funded by the BBC and aired on BBC4 in October 2006. His performance won fans in The Stage mag, who credited his performance, which incorporated “youthful terror and world weary cynicism”."
If you're interested you can read the review here

Anyone else remember seeing Rob in the Haunted Airman on TV all the way back then??

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