Robert Pattinson is so good to his fans ... and we fans love him for it

We love how thoughtful and kind Robert Pattinson is to all of us ROBsessed fans and so we are sharing some these fan encounters you may have missed from the past.

This girls story is so sweet ... you can just feel how excited she was to see Rob at the Water for Elephants premiere in New York in 2011.

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The Story!

So we planned on going to the WFE Premier for weeks in advanced and figured it would be easy to get to see him boy was I wrong. The night before the WFE Premiere we happen to find out about THE LINE of over 200 people that were trying to get wrist bands. We weren’t even leaving PA until Sunday Morning! On Sunday my friends and I (who by the way it was our 3rd time driving to NY in hopes to get a simple glimpse at Robert) had plans to get up at about 5 and be on our way by 6am .. I didn’t even get up until 6:15 cause I was dreaming I was already there and I was in Happy, Happy land, anyway when I got up I quickly showered and ran out the door to meet my Friends.

We drove into NJ Port to ride into the city by bus. Of course the bus was late and when the next bus got there it was so full we had to wait for yet another bus. By this time we are more than an hour behind schedule (our goal was to be there before 9) . So we got to the city as soon as we pulled up in front of the Ziegfeld one of the security guards saw us getting out of the cab and said right in front of us. “we are cutting it off right here” we begged the guy for the 2nd VIP, of course they don’t care about anything and said no. After tears of sadness we decided we are not budging in hopes we could at least get a single glimpse of Rob.

We sat and waited and happened to recognize a couple from one of the fan sites on FB and twitter that did have the VIP pass and we told them our sob story lol. We kept in the area the rest of the morning just waiting in hopes. At about 1pm we started to gather near the VIP area just so we could have a our far spot but in good view. That’s when we happened to cross paths again with the fan site group and she was exited that her husband was able to get access into the Press box and she told us she had something for us!!!!! IT WAS A FREAKING VIP PASS!

We cried our tears of joy and thanked her like a Zillion times up until we realized there was 1 pass and 3 of us! After just staring and thinking we decided to compromise, one would get the experience and get the autograph but, then we would have to give up the autograph to the one that stayed behind. My Friend Wendy decided she would go- I get to keep her autograph. (TEARS!!! SNIFF, SNIFF) but it was the deal we made. About 10 min into getting into the VIP access area she felt sick and got scared she would end up throwing up on Rob so she said No You go!!!!!! (you didn’t have to tell me twice) I got into the VIP area like 3 rows back and hoped and prayed he would come by our side and I could at least get a picture of the oh so HANDSOME GOODLOOKING BEAUTIFUL Robert Pattinson !!!!

I waited a good 3 hrs without budging! And then the security guard told us shhh! don’t yell yet but HE is 4 cars away!!! OMG! I was already floating! When I saw Rob hop out of the car I though this is not real pinch me someone!! Oh I got pinched alright and pushed and shoved and squished LOL! And don’t ask me how but I got to the front banister, screaming, crying shaking all emotion you can think of I had it !!!! There HE WAS less then 15 feet from me! Oh God I thought I would faint! Its true you know, He is very, very handsome in person! The aura he gave was just amazing! He looked so beautiful!! I was in a daze. When he got a bit closer I heard him talk OMG I was done for! The accent!! Then my hands failed me. My picture for my autograph the poster and sharpie everything went right to the ground. After what I thought was an eternity of trying to get my stuff together he was right there in front of me!!! I thought IS THIS REAL LIFE???

I asked him for the autograph and snapped like 100 shots of him and then out of no where I got the guts and said “ can I please, please, please get a picture with you !” and before I knew it he was crouching down like a foot from me!!!!! And posing for the picture All I kept thinking was oh God please don’t let me chop off our heads while trying to get this picture please let me have at lease our faces in the shot! Well the picture turned out great and I asked him for another autograph and he was so sweet to give it to me ( so now I got my own and the one I had to give up). I must admit I professed my love to Robert at least 125 times and got like 50 great shots of him as he slowly walked away!!!

Oh this was by turned out to be a great day for me I will never ever forget how handsome and dreamy he was!

Don't you love how excited she was?



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