What is it like to win a meet and greet with Robert Pattinson?

Have you ever wondered what it is like to win a meet and greet with Robert Pattinson?

After Kate's post revisiting Rob's appearance on The Graham Norton show we were contacted by a lucky fan who had been at the show .... AND had been the winner of a 'Meet and Greet with Robert Pattinson'.  Lynne has very kindly shared with us all what it is like to win a meeting with Rob.

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The day MTV UK telephoned me to tell me I’d won their competition, which was a Meet & Greet with Robert Pattinson plus tickets to the premiere of Water for Elephants in London, I think I honestly went into shock. I had already luckily got tickets for the Graham Norton show interview with Rob and Reese that I was very much looking forward to going to, so I was planning on a trip to London anyway.

The MTV prize included a night’s stay at the Hilton Hotel in Kensington with a private car taking me to the Connaught Hotel in London’s Mayfair. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

I checked into the Hilton in Kensington and got picked up by the car to take me to the Mayfair hotel. I’ve never been so nervous in all my life, literally felt like I would throw up. When I arrived at the Hotel, the prize winners were taken into the function room to be briefed about security etc and were told that Rob was running late for the premiere and it would be a group photo only due to time constraints with no autographs. The winners group was placed at the back of the room to set up the photographs and I was put in back row, in the middle as I was one of the taller ones there. A stand-in person then stood in the place where Rob would stand to set up the shot for the photographer. We were told that Rob would come into the room and pose with us for photos but he would have to leave soon afterwards to get to the premiere.

It was a very tense wait and everyone was quiet and incredibly nervous. The security surrounding Rob was quite overwhelming, it was definitely a VIP moment. Rob came into the room with a shy swagger, his hands in his pockets with a big smile and said a quiet "hi" to everyone. We all nervously said hi back and he went to stand in his pre-designated spot amongst the group. My first impressions were how young he looked and how slim and tall in the black suit he wore for the premiere and his shock of crazy messy auburn hair (he’d just finished filming Breaking Dawn 1 & 2). He stood in his place but he stood more in front of me so I was a bit hidden behind him. I leant forward and jokingly said "don't hide me Rob". He didn’t realize I was in a bad position where I was standing and he smiled and said "come here" and guided me forward to his side and put his arm round my waist. The photographer started taking some shots. I also put my arm round his back. By the way, he smelt very nice too, freshly showered. I’m pretty sure I felt him shaking slightly through his suit jacket, I’m sure the prospect of an imminent red carpet would do that.

After the photographs, the room was really quiet, but as I was standing closest to Rob he asked me if I was going to the premiere. Part of the prize was two tickets to the premiere but I had planned to go to the Graham Norton show interview instead and I couldn’t make both but didn’t have the heart to tell him that. I said I had seen the movie already (I saw a preview showing the week before) and thought it was brilliant and that he was amazing in it. He was very sweet and smiled, raised his eyebrows and shyly said “oh really? thanks”. Dream moment, having Rob himself ask you what you thought of his work. He wasn’t able to stay and give autographs as there were a lot of us and he was running late for his premiere at Westfields. There was some more cute fan interaction when Rob was given a ‘signed by Van Morrison’ CD of Brown Eyed Girl - which he seemed surprised and grateful for. His team moved him out of the room and he was gone as quickly as he arrived, leaving us all kind of dazed in a “did that really just actually happen?” way.

I had very little time to get to the studios for the Graham Norton show to get a decent seat, but I jumped in a taxi and made a mad dash across London managing to get seats in the middle of the studio & then spent a wonderful 45 minutes + of watching Rob being interviewed with Reese. After the day I’d had, I didn’t want it to ever end.

A week or so later, I was sent two of the HQ photos from the Meet & Greet by the organizers. There were many more photos actually taken on the day, so I’d love to see the outtakes but these were the only two they sent. The whole day was one I’ll never forget, I feel privileged to have had the chance to experience it.

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I'm now entering every competition ever!! Are you wishing you had been Lynne too? Rob has fans all over the world and many may feel they would never get the chance to see Rob in person. So a big thank you to Lynne for sharing her story with us so we can all share a little in her experience.

Thanks Lynne for sharing your story with us!


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