NEW: Gorgeous outtakes of Robert Pattinson from GQ France + HQs and scans!

NEW: Gorgeous outtakes of Robert Pattinson from GQ France + HQs and scans!

This man......what a dream.... *le sigh*

 photo gm_59bfdb74-ed90-4e3d-8809-0223ac110006.jpg

 photo gm_59bfdb71-2b5c-48df-ad10-6e1bac110009.jpg

HQ scans from the magazine under the cut!

Click for HQ!
 photo 1057d2598045263.png  photo G0.png  photo G1.png  photo G2.png  photo G3.png  photo G4.png
 photo 23e400598030903.jpeg  photo 2f42d7598031693.jpeg  photo 73ddaa598030113.jpeg  photo 32a688598029423.jpeg  photo 61018a598029733.jpeg   photo 21688902_349148582177210_4871923279507488768_n.jpg  photo ef6ea7598028463.jpeg  photo fa220f598030553.jpeg  photo R0uWWXSN_o.jpg  photo WZiitBXo_o.jpg

Click HERE if you missed the translated interview!

Source | HQs/Scans | Via: PAW


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