Cineplex Interview With Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

Cineplex Interview With Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

Really good interview with Rob & Kristen where they talk about what to expect from "Eclipse". Rob talks about buying a house and doing fight scenes with Taylor.



The love stuff comes easy to Robert Pattinson by now. What the actor’s most worried about is how his fight scenes with bigger, brawnier Taylor Lautner will look in the third Twilight movie, Eclipse.

Grisly deaths plague Seattle. Vampires fight werewolves. Vampires and werewolves unite to battle, um, badder vampires.

This time out, the lissome, ethereal-looking Pattinson has to get more physical with the pumped-up Lautner, and he just hopes audiences buy their fight scenes.

“There is a bunch of fighting,” says the 24-year-old Brit. “In the most simplistic of ways, trying to be intimidating to Taylor is just physically humiliating. In one scene, I tried to grab him and his shoulder was too big! That was embarrassing.”

While physical strength may not be Pattinson’s, well, strength, he does have an uncanny ability to brood and smoulder in a way that drives the ladies nuts. But while it works well on-screen, that low-key nature can also come off as aloof, even falsely self-deprecating, off-screen. And Pattinson’s the first one to admit it.

“The problem is, mainly, that I’m really finicky about looking pretentious for some reason,” he says. “I think, because I haven’t done too much work and I’ve become so, kind of, big, people have a hyper-judgment of you. I always thought the best way to deal with that is just to kind of play down everything. But I never saw the result of that being people saying, ‘Why can’t you just shut up? We’re so sick of the humble act. When’s he going to stop pretending to be humble?’”

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Unknown said...

Its funny how people who only observe from a far think hes feigning humbleness but once they actually meet him or interview him afterwards they always say what a gent he was and are surprised to find that he really is that down to earth!Don't stop Rob honey, not having a big head and massive ego when you're probably the most entitled to in the world really sets you apart...your mamma brought you up well!

Noe said...

i know those f'n haters always saying shit. give the man a damn break. i know he can't win over the whole world, especially while concerning those insecure males out there.

but at least be justified in your hate and back that shit up if you're gonna talk shit.

yet as we all know here rob hasn't done anything deserve any of their crap.

i love humble rob!

RTP_KJS_Lover said...

@Noe--Um, you just read my mind.

The only other thing I would add is that he is what he is; which is a intelligent, talented, shy, humble, lovely man. He is not fake, he is real. Jealousy is a bitch.

Lucerne said...

I read Eclipse the book, as well as the script, and i have to ask, what fight scene is Rob talking about between Edward and Jake? There are none from the book, and none from the script that i can recall.

Jazz_Girl317 said...

@Lucerne~ He's talking about the confrontation scene when Jake brings Bella back after assaulting her. He grabs TayCob by the shoulder and shoves him back.

But, Rob's just being his normal self-deprecating self. Look at the size of his hands. They're the size of small platters. I think what he meant to say was that he reached to grab his shoulder and grabbed too high. LOL. The box TayCob stands on wasn't quite high enough.

solas said...

jazzgirl ;-)

Monique said...


"The box TayCob stands on wasn't quite high enough."

Best line of the night.

Tesha Alise Cullen said...

@Jazz, "the box that Taycob..."
too precious for words.
@Sarah, yes, his mama did raise him right. he is a gentleman.
@Noe, the haters are going to be just what they are...small minded, jealous, immature. you cannot stoop to their level, it is too low. We (real fans) know he is genuine, and remarkable. We love him for he always being just that...himself.

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