New/Old Fan Pic of Robert Pattinson that Melts Your Computer Screen

New/Old Fan Pic of Robert Pattinson that Melts Your Computer Screen

I AM DED!!!!
(the ghost of Tink's past continues commentary)




You want a little backstory to this picture? Because I got one ;)
(notice who's in the background?)

This was taken August 8, 2009. I was there...just to the right of the picture trying to disappear into the wall because I was close to losing consciousness. The person that took the picture was Marcus Foster. The lovely lady in the picture, Nicki, is like an angel sent from heaven to make my dreams come true.

I met Rob that night and got my picture with him but I never would have even asked him for a picture if Nicki hadn't done it first. I referred to her as "bold girl" in my fan encounter over a year ago. I felt, "If SHE can ask for a picture, certainly I can! Snap out of it, Tink!" If you've known me for awhile, you know my encounter. You can read it HERE if you'd like.

I never forgot Nicki because there was no one in this small foyer except me, the fan, Rob and his entourage. After my picture was taken, everyone seemed to disappear...or I bet it was really ME that disappeared...drifting off to a far far place. I didn't get a chance to ever thank her.

Yesterday, I got this tweet from Nicki who found me:
I met RP at the Hotel Cafe on August 8th last year and have been trying to figure out if Andrew Garfield is the guy in the back of my picture with him, so I googled it, and found the picture of you two that I took ! SUCH a small world !

A small world indeed. I am so grateful to Nicki because I know EXACTLY how I felt that night as if it was yesterday and if she wasn't there, I wouldn't have found my voice and gotten my picture.

Thanks Nicki :)) You were such an important player on an unforgettable night.

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