Peter Facinelli chats about Robert Pattinson

Peter Facinelli chats about Robert Pattinson

He dishes some cute stuff :)

The Rob tidbits via Gossip Dance :)

"So I met Rob...and he just looked weird. Like some homeless guy. I was this Edward? And then a few days later, he came back in without them and I was like...Now that's Edward" RE: Rob's fancy hair extentions

"What's it like working with Rob?" Peter: "I wish he'd bathe once in a I'm joking. I don't know where all those rumors come from"
"he's always thinking"

"I would be Team Edward. Because he's my son. If I wasn't connected to the family or whatever, I would still be Team Edward. The idea of living for eternity"

Other than Carlise, who else would you want to play in the Twilight Saga?:
"If i was like 20 years younger. Wait, how old is Rob? like..24? yeah..10/11 years younger. I would love to play Edward. But the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"

Favorite actors you've worked with?
"[says others] Rob....Kristen..."

"So I bought the card and gave it to Rob Pattinson."
Peter: "So I go to him and I'm like oh did you give it to Kristen? and Rob's like "yeah she's mad at me now,"
Peter: "so i had to go and explain to Kristen that it was a joke"
Kristen: "would have been fine if you gave it to me but Rob gave it to me"

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