HQ video and transcript of Robert Pattinson during New Moon promo

We already posted this great interview with Robert Pattinson from New Moon promo but here is the link for the HQ version and with the transcript for non-french speakers. If we get a YouTube of the newer version, we'll update the post.

Updated! Thanks Twveronika!

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Transcript after the cut!

Transcript by Libenet via Robstenation

Interviewer : "What I saw outside (the hotel) is crazy! I've seen that for Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt...May be Leonardo Dicaprio. But it's really rare. What I want to know is how do you deal with all that. You are so young (23)..How do you keep calm and cool?"

Rob: " It's not easy. I always try to separate my personal and private lives. I remind myself all the time that the fans, the press..are all here for the character, not for me. It's a kinda "ego saving reflex". Actually, it's very nice, but when you're facing all these fans, you just don't know what to do to satisfy them."

Interviewer: "Yeah, but don't actors do this job for that? To be loved and admired?"

Rob: "I guess yes. In some way. But with Twilight, something amazing happened. I've become some kind of celebrity, even though when I started out, I didn't think I was that interesting as a person. And so I just wanted to play deep characters that would enrich me, psychologically."

Then they talk about the similarities between being a vampire and being an actor. The way they both depend on others, and need others to go on.

He asks Rob what he likes about vampires, and Rob says "The 'superhero' aspect. They're like semi-god, but, in the same time, they depend so much on very regular people. On what's deeply basic in ppl; their blood."

Interviewer: "It's really funny to see you talk about vampires, because I just discovered this other movie (How to be) where you play a completely different character. I was wondering which part of you, as a person, is in this movie, or in the Twilight movie?"

Rob:" Not much. Actually I've never played a role where I can really be myself. As an actor, you think, with every role, that you'll be able to give the character sthg from yourself, your experience. But the more you try to do that, the more you realize, with every single scene, that it's coming out very differently from how you expected it, or how you intended it."

Interviewer : "It's really good to see you smile in the beginning of the movie (New Moon). You seem happy, then you disappear for most of the movie. Wasn't it frustrating for you to be absent ?"

Rob: "No. Actually, it was very nice in many ways. Twilight (1st movie) has had so much success, so we had a lot of pressure, and it would have been impossible to make the
exact same movie (focused on Edward/Bella). And, also, I didn't want to be the center of this movie, didn't want to have too many responsibilities in it. Taylor got the big part of it. Which is good. Plus, I get to experiment a new angle; I'm more like a ghost, a shadow, which is stronger. Like a myth or something."

Interviewer: "How did you play that? Did you talk to the author? Or get instructions from your director?"

Rob: "I think what influenced me the most, was my first meeting with Kristen. I imagined someone completely different for the role of Bella. But Kristen/Bella was so strong. So, for this relationship to work out, I thought (back in the casting) that I had to be as strong, but also a bit fragile and somehow broken. Which is very interesting to play. And I have to thank Kristen for that."

Interviewer: "How would you describe Kristen, in three words?"

Rob: "She's so strong. (He pauses and laughs) I'm trying to be careful what I say. She's mature, and very challenging."

Interviewer: "We've been interviewing some psychologists and they're stating that this boy (Edward) terrified by his "vampiristic" impulses is somehow like a teenager terrified by his sexual impulses. Is that it? Do you think that Twilight is this specific teenager metaphor? What do you think?"

Rob: "In many ways, yes. I think so. But I don't think it's just about teenagers. I think that, in this particular movie (NM), everyone can relate to the events, the story. It was this book that encouraged me to make the movies. I read it before making the first movie. Something about how you fall in love for the first time, especially for a young man. You tend to idealize the girl, your imagination is completely flooded and you think she's just flawless whatsoever. And the more you get to know her, the more you're in love with her and you think that she's perfect and there's nothing wrong with her at all. But, in the other hand, you see more and more flaws in yourself. And I think there was this emotional outline in the movie, with this vampire blaming himself for threatening the girl he loves' life. He thinks he's gonna kill her because he's a vampire, but I mean, anyway...it's a good metaphor about the fear you can feel about the real commitment of a relationship, when you come to realize that this relationship is really important and not just a fling. You're thinking 'If I begin this, is it gonna be for life? Or will one of us end up with a broken heart if we leave each other?' So yeah; it's a good metaphor."

Interviewer: "I guess it's the young man in YOU who's talking right now, coz you've been a teenager yourself, not so long ago. So what do you like in the film industry? Who are your favorite actors? What do you like to see in movies?"

Rob: "I like Joaquin Phoenix. I like...Ryan Gosling, among the young actors I mean. I've always loved all the Brando's movies. But I don't really have a specific taste in movies...I really like the french movies. I've grown up watching a lot of french movies. I love Godard..."

Interviewer: "Which ones, for instance?"

Rob: "I love Pierrot le fou. It's one of my favorite movies. I also like...what's the title in french?...It's Eyes without face in England...?"

Interviewer: "Les yeux sans visage" (Note: It's a 1960 french horror movie, directed by Goerges Franju and adapted from Jean Redon's novel)

Rob: "Yeah..I thought this movie was amazing."

Interviewer: "Well...a young man who loves Pierrot le fou can only be a wonderful person. (He shakes his hand) Thank you very much. Robert Pattinson...hope to see you very soon. thank you again."
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