Robert Pattinson makes a house salad sexy

This has been going around for awhile and the original source was Hollywood Life so you KNOW it was likely to be a big fat lie. However, the Los Angeles Times is reporting it now AND they got their own scoop that Hollywood Life missed...what Rob ordered...


From LA TIMES, Ministry of Gossip column:
Robert Pattinson recently enjoyed a night out in Baton Rouge, La., with the boys of "Breaking Dawn."

The men of "Twilight," who've been exploring the city as they film the final two installments of the film franchise, popped out for food and drink on Tuesday.

Pattinson, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Jamie Campbell-Bower and Michael Sheen hit local joint Tsunami, reports Hollywood Life, for sushi, sashimi and even a few shots. A nearby table of admirers sent some lemon drops over to the vampire gang.

While that highbrow snacking is more like Hollywood, Rob has been sampling to local fare as well. Recently stopping by a deli chain called Maxwell's Market, the actor caused hysteria with the female staff, according to People.

So what did he order -- a juicy po' boy or some cajun delight?

"He ordered a house salad," a staffer told the Ministry. "It wasn't that exciting."

We dare say the young female population begs to differ.

Ya damn right, Ministry of Gossip (the LA Times gossip reporter)! It's house salads from here on out! I plan to lose some weight on the Rob diet. Good bye steaks, hello blue cheese dressing on the side!

LA Times via Gossip Dance

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