Lots More Robert Pattinson MTV Rough Cut Videos

Robert Pattinson Catches Up With Josh

Love At First Sight

Emmm...... I am personally offering to get rid of the stuff on your lips for you Rob!

More After The Cut

Working With Animals

Ok Rob's lips earlier and now getting in Tai's mouth. I see a pattern forming here.

Favourite Television Shows

Robert Pattinson Would Want A Mundane Circus Job

Robert Pattinson Discusses Vampire Sex in 'Breaking Dawn'

Robert Pattinson Talks Possibly Working On 'Akira'
(Tink had asked Josh to ask about Akira so she'll be happy about this)

Robert Pattinson Discusses His Christopher Walken Impression

Robert Pattinson On Googling Himself
(I had actually asked Shaun (From Access Hollywood) to ask about the meme's)

Robert Pattinson Reveals Details About His Upcoming Project 'Cosmopolis'

Source MTV
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