Robert Pattinson's "Cosmopolis" Teaser Tomorrow

Another Update:
This could go on all night (grab a cuppa and get comfy LOL)

A fan asked how long the teaser would be and while the question wasn't actually answered they did say "More than 10 secs" ;-D


And Another Update:
The teaser will have both versions: original form (English) AND French. A fan asked the French Cosmopolis Facebook about subtitles or in French:


VOST et VF means: les versions sous-titrées et la version française. That translates to: the subtitled versions and the French version. The teaser will have both according to the facebook page.


"Cosmopolis" French film page on FB says the Teaser will be tomorrow morning!!


According to the "Cosmopolis" French film page on FB we will be getting Robert Pattinson's "Cosmopolis" Teaser Tomorrow.

Also good news: Alfama Films have linked to the French FB page on their site.

Are you as excited as me at the thoughts of seeing Rob as Eric?
I'm getting cramps from keeping everything crossed but it's worth it!

WATCH this space and we'll update as we get more info

Source LeFilmCosmopolis via


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