VIDEO Of Robert Pattinson On Le Grand Journal (With Translation)

VIDEO Of Robert Pattinson On Le Grand Journal (With Translation)


Michel: You were here in 2009, you walked the red carpet. We have footage. You did it again yesterday for another movie, for On the Road and you're going to do it again tomorrow for your first movie in competition. Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg, that's long-awaited. You said this movie changed you life. I quote from Premiere magazine: you said it gave you balls.
Rob: I don't know why everyone brings up the balls thing. I think it got lost in translation. I wanted to say that I got balls surgically attached to my body during the whole movie.

Michel: So it's the story of a golden boy working in finance, an adaptation from Don DeLillo's novel, Frédéric.
Frédéric: He's an AMmrican author that's very well-known who talked a lot about society and the dangers of finance. But also about power. I was thinking, I mean I'm sure you've read the book to prepare for the role but did you also study bankers or watch trader movies, Wall Street or American Psycho maybe to work on the role of Eric Packer, this dangerous banker? That was a long question.
Rob: I didn't think it was related to finances or traders. I liked the lyrical aspect of the script. I tried to prepared myself my own way like for my other roles. But it was pretty much impossible because there was no way to deal with this the normal way.
I don't know, there might be some inconscious aspects that come out of the character.

Ariane: Sarah, apparently you guys had a fight on the first day on set?
Frédéric: You're his wife, right?
Ariane: Is that true?

Sarah: No!
Frédéric: In the movie you have a fight.
Ariane: Robert, on the first day on set, apparently she asked you how you worked on your character and you got upset?
Rob: Oh no, it wasn't an argument. It's just that she asked me an embarrassing question and ..
Sarah: I just asked how he prepared for the role, I'm sorry
Rob: And I started crying, there.
Sarah: I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't have. I just, I was trying to make conversation, I wasn't trying to fight.
Rob: I was so nervous, if anyone asked me anything, even for a camera test, I was shocked and panicked. It was terrible.

Michel talks about the movie coming out tomorrow in France and then they show the trailer.

Michel says that the movie happens in one day, in pretty much only one setting, in Manatthan that's stopped because of the president's visit's in town.
There are French actors in the movie, Mathieu Almaric and Juliette Binoche.
Rob: Oh sorry, I am so deaf. I'm 26 and an old man already.
Élise: We know that you're an Audiard fan, could we see you one day make a movie with a French director?
Rob: No, definitely. My next film is with Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire, who directed Johnny Mad Dog that was presented here a few years ago. I love French filmmakers, I love French people, they're very easy to like.

Asking Sarah about filming with Brandon Cronenberg and if it was different working with both father and son.
Sarah: there's definitely a 'Cronenberg gene'and it was fun to see the difference between the two directors.

Asking her about David not giving much direction son his sets and if she was surprised when she saw Cosmopolis.
Sarah: When I saw Cosmopolis was I surprised? No, not really at all. I think david knows exactly what he wants when he directs you. It was sort of like a journey and what I admire is all these layers, finding meanings hidden behind other meanings. You see things completely differently after that.

Michel: We received Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart not long ago and in La Boite Questions, one was about you, Robert Pattinson.
Question: Something really not sexy about Robert Pattinson?
Kristen: Oh come on.
Charlize: I'm gonna have to say his socks?

What's the matter with your socks?
Rob: Charlize likes to come into my house at night and sniff my socks and underwears. When you do stuff like that, there are necessarily some surprises. It's not my fault.

Do you have socks on right now?
Rob: *laughs* Yesss. I'm really nervous now that there might be something wrong with my socks, I never payed attention to it before. It's so weird.

You're reaching a mark with Cosmopolis and then we'll see you again in Breaking Dawn part 2.
Rob: Yeah, it's coming out in November. It's funny we did some reshoots recently and it's funny. I mean the Twilight movies aren't funny but we do laugh a lot. I hope that people will like it.

And then Frédéric asked Rob to sign an autograph for his daughter.

Finally, they're saying that the movie premieres tomorrow and that we might see on Sunday night for the winner's announcement. Thank you both for coming.

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