*NEW* Pics Of Robert Pattinson Being Adorable At GO GO Gala Last Night

UPDATE 4: More HQ's Added and info on what Rob wore
UPDATE 3: Videos Added After The Cut
UPDATE 2: Loads more HQ & MQ Pics Added Below 
UPDATE: Added some HQ's Below 
*NEW* Pics Of Robert Pattinson Being Adorable At GO GO Gala Last Night

Seriously, how the hell can one guy being so damn adorable and cute?

 photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ12.jpg

Hey there Steph!

 photo MQGoGoGala2.jpg

A bit more info from E!:
"Pattinson grabbed a drink at the bar before chatting with friends during cocktail hour. R.Pattz was smiley and chatty with a group of friends, acting super talkative and in a great mood while mingling and supporting the charity.

Pattinson sat down to dinner where he continued to chat with folks at his table as event host Adam Shankman began the show. The 27-year-old star ate and drank while chatting with a female pal sitting next to him during the bash.

Pattinson also quietly bid on and won a cello made out of recycled material for $5,600."
And here's Rob getting his cello ;-)

 photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ09.jpg

Rob was looking dashing in a two-button notch lapel jacket and trousers by Gucci in a navy-teal blend (thanks to TheFashionCourt for the info)

 photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ03.jpg

HQ's,  MQ's & Videos After The Cut

Click for HQ's

 photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ18.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ16.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ12.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ20.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ01.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ19.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ17.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ15.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ11.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ14.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ03.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ08.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ13.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ10.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ05.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ07.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ09.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ06.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ04.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ02.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonGoGoGalaHQ3.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonGoGoGalaHQ1.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonGoGoGalaHQ4.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonGoGoGalaHQ2.jpg


 photo NEWHQGoGoRObertPattinson8.jpg  photo NEWHQGoGoRObertPattinson2.jpg  photo NEWHQGoGoRObertPattinson1.jpg  photo NEWHQGoGoRObertPattinson5.jpg  photo NEWHQGoGoRObertPattinson7.jpg  photo NEWHQGoGoRObertPattinson6.jpg  photo NEWHQGoGoRObertPattinson3.jpg  photo NEWHQGoGoRObertPattinson4.jpg

Click For MQ

 photo MQGoGoGala9.jpg  photo MQGoGoGala11.jpg  photo MQGoGoGala10.jpg  photo MQGoGoGala2.jpg  photo MQGoGoGala8.jpg  photo MQGoGoGala7.jpg  photo MQGoGoGala5.jpg  photo MQGoGoGala6.jpg  photo MQGoGoGala3.jpg  photo MQGoGoGala4.jpg  photo MQGoGoGala1.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonMQ09.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonMQ10.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonMQ07.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonMQ08.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonMQ01.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonMQ05.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonMQ04.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonMQ06.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonMQ03.jpg  photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonMQ02.jpg  photo gogo1.jpg  photo Gogo3.jpg  photo gogo2.jpg

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Thanks PJ for the heads up!

If you missed the earlier pics/vid from the Gala, check them out HERE



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