Robert Pattinson's The Rover trailer coming "soon-ish" + sweet quotes from David Cronenberg & Benedict Cumberbatch!

Robert Pattinson's The Rover trailer coming "soon-ish" + sweet quotes from David Cronenberg & Benedict Cumberbatch! 

We have a mini roundup of some film related news. First up is the eagerly awaited, The Rover.

It's not a whole lot to go on, but this tease from The Rover distributor, A24 Films, is welcomed.

Next, David Cronenberg praised Rob and mentioned Maps To The Stars and more in the newest Toronto Life. Here's a transcript of the direct Rob mention:
"Rob is a really fine actor. He hasn't been recognized that way. We said, let's do more," Cronenberg told me. It takes a veteran's business savvy to enlist a star of Pattinson's stature, though Cronenberg says he likes to repeat his actors because he wants to work with people who are easy, a lot of laughs. "You've got to have a playfulness, a lightness," he says. "Also, not being an asshole or a  drug addict really helps."
These excerpts mention MTTS and the Rob quote:

 photo Untitled.jpg  photo Untitled2.jpg  photo Untitled3.jpg  photo Untitled4.jpg  photo Untitled5.jpg

Click the thumbnails to read the full article
 photo DCTL8.jpg  photo DCTL7.jpg  photo DCTL6.jpg  photo DCTL4.jpg  photo DCTL3.jpg  photo DCTL2.jpg  photo DCTL5.jpg  photo DCTL1.jpg

Lastly, this is a great throwback to Golden Globes 2013. Josh Horowitz was talking to Benedict Cumberbatch and fanboyed over Rob possibly being nearby. It prompted Benedict to admit he was a fan! He's even seen Twilight. Check it out :)

Can't wait for these guys to work together on The Lost City of Z! That's the latest movie news. Queen of the Desert is slated to be Rob's next film to go into production (Dec. 15), followed by Life, Mission: Blacklist and The Lost City of Z by summer 2014. Busy man! We'll keep you posted if there are any changes.

Toronto Life | Thanks S!


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