Things that make you go hmmmmmm: Robert Pattinson is engaged to FKA twigs? T-Pain says so!

Things that make you go hmmmmmm: Robert Pattinson is engaged to FKA twigs? T-Pain says so!

UPDATE2: Gossip Cop is here to play ball and gives this rumor an 8 out of 10 and grabbing this quote from Vulture:
According to People, Pattinson and Twigs are officially engaged after six months of dating. Gossip Cop has reached out once again to a rep for confirmation and comment. The Twilight actor and the musician have been linked since last year. They’ve been spotted together across the globe in recent months as both pursued busy professional schedules. 
When Gossip Cop first reached out to Vulture for clarification on T-Pain’s comments, a rep for the outlet told us, “This is a real interview with T-Pain and to our knowledge he wasn’t joking about the engagement!” As we contacted other sources, T-Pain tweeted that the whole thing was a joke, and we took him at his word and reported it. The rapper-producer’s tone and language in the interview seemed earnest and straightforward, but given the April 1 coincidence, we gave T-Pain the benefit of the doubt. 
It now seems like T-Pain’s subsequent “April Fools'” explanation on Twitter may just have been cover for unwittingly revealing a real Pattinson-Twigs engagement. We have yet to hear from their mouths that they’re engaged, but the latest report sounds more confirmed than any previous engagement buzz. Gossip Cop will have updates.

UPDATE: It looks like T-Pain has jokes! And Vulture wasn't in on it.
"T-Pain claims his seemingly accidental slip at the end of this interview regarding FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson's engagement was in fact an April Fool's Joke. April Fools?"

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From T-Pain's instagram:
"Added a little #AprilFools to my interview with Vulture Magazine today. Check it out!!!!"
There's also this exchange from an associated editor at Vulture:
 photo Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.31.35 PM.png


Ummmmm is this Vulture and T-Pain having fun on April Fool's Day??? You guys be the judge!

 photo B3aL6O_IgAADapvjpg-large.jpg
Excerpt from Vulture:
Who have you been listening to for inspiration?
FKA Twigs, she’s one of my favorite artists right now. I’m also super into James Blake right now, and Sampha. A lot of international artists.

Will FKA Twigs be on your new album?
Well, the first time we even met each other, we met in the studio. Her music’s changed a lot since then. But she’s on tour so much, and anytime I call her, she’s in a different place. And she’s engaged now, so that’s about to be a whole other thing. [Laughs.]

Wait, she’s engaged? That's news to me.
Yeah, to ol’ Patty [Robert Pattinson]. I don’t know if she wanted anybody to know that …


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