"I'm Sure I'll Have A Child That's Totally Cool & Confident" ~ Robert Pattinson talks About Having Children, Playing A Father & More

"I'm Sure I'll Have A Child That's Totally Cool & Confident" ~ Robert Pattinson talks About Having Children, Playing A Father & More 

UPDATE: Scans of the full interview added below

Some great new quotes here from Rob, where he talks about being an actor, what his kids might be like and playing the part of a father in Life.
These look like snippets from what I'm hoping is a much longer interview with German magazine Jolie. We'll pop up the full interview when it surfaces.

Hearing Rob talking about being a father and seeing him play one on screen turns me into the biggest puddle. He'll make such a great Dad someday.

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From TV3 Xpose:
Robert Pattinson wishes he had a bigger ego.

The star rose to fame playing Edward Cullen in the vampire franchise Twilight, which landed him countless teen fans and a high-profile relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart.

His shy nature often made it hard for him to cope with the attention, making him wish for a bolder personality.

"I've always had the feeling I need to prove myself: as an actor, a star, a person," he admitted to German magazine Jolie. "That might be how I've managed to keep my feet on the ground. Although I've often wished I had a bigger ego - maybe it would have helped me cope with all the things around me."

Among the things he's had to deal with was his very public breakup form Kristen, when it emerged she'd cheated on him with married director Rupert Sanders in 2012. Now he's happily engaged to FKA Twigs can even imagine starting a family with the singer.

But will his children find it hard to grow up in the spotlight?

"I don't think so. I'm sure I'll have a child that's totally cool and confident," he grinned. "He or she will probably look at me every day and think to themselves: 'Why is this guy such a weird, crotchety man?'"

Robert, 29, had the chance to try his hand at fatherhood in Life, even if his character is a questionable example. It's a drama about a photographer for Life magazine, who's asked to shoot pictures of James Dean.

"At my age you don't often get the chance to play a father,"
he explained. "Especially not one who leaves his family in the lurch."

UPDATE: Scans of the full interview thanks the Nicole2dogs. We'll add the translation as soon as it's available ;)

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