SCANS & TRANSLATION: Robert Pattinson In 'In Style' Magazine Germany

 UPDATE: Added scans from the magazine below (Thanks to Nicole)
 UPDATE 2:  Full Translation added, after the cut (Thanks to @WelkeLaura)
Robert Pattinson is on the cover of the German In Style magazine's Autumn issue.  It looks like there will be an interview and hopefully some more great photos of Rob.

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Translation After The Cut

Robert, is everything ok?

Twilight star Robert Pattinson about the best advice from his father, children planning, why he avoids Facebook and about his self-doubts

“Hotel de Rome”, Berlin.

In the impressive lobby, there is plush stir. Successful business men in tailored suits are chatting about equity prices while sitting on enormous sofas, rich tourists enter the lobby carrying their designer purchases, journalists surrounded by a dimmed light are waiting at the bar for Hollywood star Robert Pattinson.

The 29-year-old, who can be seen with Nicole Kidman in the movie “Queen of the Desert” from September 3rd, is here for an interview during which he wants to talk about his new Anton Corbijn-movie ” Life” which will be released in Germany on September 24th, 2015. The Twilight star plays the young photographer Dennis Stock who discovered James Dean before he had his big breakthrough in Hollywood. Everybody knows his most famous picture: cigarette between his teeth with a rolled-up collar while walking across the rainy New York Times Square. Robert Pattinson almost appears as withdrawn as James Dean as he walks through the interview lobby suite, wearing a check shirt combined with jeans and boots. He is wearing a full-beard, his tousled hair looks like he just got out of bed. His mumbled “Hello” almost impossible to understand. The reason for this appearance could be that one day before his “Life” premiere, he ordered some drinks at the bar of the Soho House in Berlin. The dark circles under his eyes speak for themselves. Pattinson takes a big gulp of cold Cola, eats a bubble-gum and runs his fingers through his messy hair which seems to let him appear more awake. This is when the interview gets more interesting. He speaks about a time in his past influenced by James Dean, the blessing and curse of being famous, about his self-doubts and also about his private future-plans with his “weird”, but beautiful fiancée FKA Twigs.

Interviewer: You look wild. Since when are you wearing a full beard?

Robert: (laughs) I needed it for shooting the historical drama “The Childhood of a Leader”. Yesterday was the last day of shooting and I just noticed in the morning that I have forgotten my razor. So there actually was no chance to shave it off.

Interviewer: The fans and photographers in Berlin had no problem with it. It just seems like you have a problem with being photographed, or is my impression wrong? It never seems like you can enjoy the attention and fame.

Robert: I actually really don’t like being photographed. I don’t understand all these crazy things going on. It’s not about me as a person, more about the roles I play as an actor . Promoting yourself , your voice and music as a Popstar is something totally different. I am afraid I will never get used to it.

Interviewer: In “Life” you play Dennis Stock who discovers James Dean before he gets famous. Did this role help you to understand the work of paparazzi?

Robert: Actually I understand the photographers who fight just to get the best picture, a situation Dennis Stock knows as well. BUT I don’t understand the paparazzi who disturb the private lives of celebrities, the ones who wait in front of my house until I have to get out which just prove their lack of tact.

Interviewer: The ones that present themselves as you on Facebook or Instagram as well….

Robert: I have no clue of all this social media stuff. It feels like I am just too old for it. I have no interest in it…

Interviewer: Do you think the Twilight hype – online or offline- is a blessing or curse?

Robert: Both. I think it’s the same with Leonardo DiCaprio in “Titanic”. It also took him some time to cut himself loose from this role. Lucky for me, with 22 years I had a life before “Twilight” . And the first year after it was incredibly exciting! I got the best offers for roles, everybody wanted to get to know me. I didn’t know what happened. And I was allowed to enter clubs which I wasn’t allowed to get into before(laughs). My father told me right from the beginning that I should become an actor, because this way I would get the most beautiful girls. And he is right. That’s why I still do it today (laughs). Sometimes it felt like I just drowned. And even after shooting all these movies, it still feels like I am not good enough, like I have to establish myself over and over again.

Interviewer: A world-star with such self-doubts is nothing ordinary….

Robert: I am a human being with self-doubts. And deep down I am a very shy person. I really wish I would be more self-confident. For sure, you need to have a certain amount of ego to stand in front of the camera, but it just feels better to work with a director like David Cronenberg who thinks more in an artistic way than commercial. To shoot a movie with a photographer about photographing was awesome! Anto Corbijn also has shown me how to use a Leica-camera. On set, I exposed more than 20 film tubes. I was attracted to this role , because it is about a person who wants to be an artist , but he doesn’t even know if he is good enough. And I also try to improve myself as an actor all the time-

Interviewer: Do you have role models? Was James Dean perhaps even one of them?

Robert: In the past, yes. I have known all his movies. Later, I thought Marlon Brando was way cooler. It was James Dean biggest dream to become a famous actor while Marlon Brando said: ” Fuck, I don’t even know who I really am or who I want to become. ”

Interviewer: Perhaps becoming a Popstar would be better for you? You sing, play the guitar and piano and wrote two songs for the Twilight Soundtrack…

Robert: (laughs) Who knows? From time to time I play some gigs and also compose new songs for an album.

Interviewer: This way you could plan a duet with your fiancée FKA Twigs. Or do you plan your familiy life first ?

Robert: It was fun to play a father, even as Dennis Stock who was pretty egoistical. He wanted so badly to become an artist that he totally forgot about his son. No great, but interesting and tragic character. There are only a few roles as a young father. I hope to become a better father. In the future I for sure want my own children . Then I will settle down and buy them a mansion. Perhaps in London, who knows? (laughs) At least that’s the place I don’t get photographed that often….

Translation thanks to @WelkeLaura via RPWW


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