Celebrating 7 Years Of ROBsession

Celebrating 7 Years Of ROBsession

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Today we're celebrating 7 years of ROBsessed. They say time flies when you're having fun and that's never more true when you're talking about ROBsessed. 

We want to say a big thank you to YOU, our readers. You make this blog what it is. Thank you so much for coming back multiple times a day to check what Rob is up to, to check what other ROBsessors are up to, and to see what the crazy bloggers posted this time. Without you we would just be 5 lunatics laughing at our inner thoughts. We hope we bring a smile to your faces everyday. This blog is our happy place and we hope it's yours as well.

Thanks to the man himself, Rob. For being the talented, witty, big hearted,  gorgeous guy that he is. And for being the special guy who brought us all together. A lot of great friendships have been formed over the years and it's all because of our mutual love for Rob.

Following Rob the last 7 years and seeing what he has achieved (to date) has been one heck of a ride and makes us even more excited to see what's in store for the next 7 years (and beyond.) 
We'll be here every step of the way and hope you'll be here to join us!

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Ok onto our Birthday Giveaway. Below you'll find all the answers you should have come up with for our 9 questions! Did you get them all right?

Part 1: 2008
Who infamously got Rob to talk about his hair on Jay Leno, leading to years of speculation that Rob doesn't wash his hair?
Hedi Klum

Part 2: 2009 
What red carpet film premiere did Rob attend at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009?
Inglorious Bastards

Part 3: 2010
What was Rob doing in Budapest?
He was filming Bel Ami

Part 4: 2011
How was Rob immortalized in 2011?

Hand and Footprints at Hollywood's Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Part 5: 2012
What did Rob say about ROBsessed?

Part 6: 2013
Name the biggest thing that happened for Rob professionally in 2013? 

Part 7: 2014
Besides his list of auteur directors Rob grew something else in 2014.

We want to know, what did Rob grow?
A Moustache

Part 8: 2015
What remote island did Rob visit that's rumoured to be sinking?

Part 9: Bonus!
Based on domestic release and including film festivals, from 2008 to the end of 2015, name all the characters Rob has played in his films.

Art ~ How To Be
Salvador Dalí ~ LIttle Ashes
Richard ~ The Summer House
Edward Cullen ~ Twilight
Tyler Hawkins ~ Remember Me
Jacob Jankowski ~ Water For Elephants
Georges Duroy ~ Bel Ami
Eric Packer ~ Cosmopolis
Rey ~ The Rover
Jerome Fontana ~ Maps To The Stars
T.E. Lawrence ~ Queen of The Desert
Dennis Stock ~ Life
Charles Marker ~ The Childhood of A Leader

AND The lucky winners ARE.......................

Grand Prize: GOG
GOG wins A Rob film DVD or Bluray of your choice, An unofficial 2016 Rob calendar Novel from the Robert Pattinson Book Club or our ROBsessed Friday book giveaways, A ROBsessed button & A ROBsessed fridge magnet.

Runner Up: Nere Gurutxeta
Nere wins a choice of the calendar or book & A ROBsessed button

5 additional winners: Damla Kiziltoprak, 
Ray Of Sunshine, 
Lisa Vielhauer, 
Елена Багаева, 
They each get 2 ROBsessed buttons

We will email each of you soon to get your mailing details!


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