The Lost City of Z edition: Is that you Robert Pattinson?

The Lost City of Z edition: Is that you Robert Pattinson?

We pride ourselves of being able to identify BlurryRob in the toughest circumstances but some times a picture can make us ponder for a bit...this is one of those times.

RPAU has a good translation of SO Film's set visit and chat with James Gray HERE. The article also included BTS photos. One of those photos is designed to test your ROBsession. Let us see the evidence.

image host

On the left. Is it? Could it be? I'm going to tell you I say yes more than no. I think that's Rob and Charlie. Why do I think it's Rob? The hairline....the growth of the beard....the chin with beard growth...the lighter hue in the beard...the drop of the shoulder...the size of the neck...the appearance of a smile/lifted cheeks...we know Rob and the character are on this set...the blurry profile...the fact that it IS blurry...

These are the things that lingered in my ROBsessed mind. WHAT DO YOU THINK??? Take the poll and then tell us in the comments why you're saying, "AMEN, Tink!" or "Guuuurl, you crazy. You probably think a carrot looks like Rob."


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