Robert Pattinson talks about the success of The Lighthouse, A24's impact on the industry, diving back into fan frenzy with The Batman & MORE!

Robert Pattinson talks about the success of The Lighthouse, A24's impact on the industry, diving back into fan frenzy with The Batman & MORE!

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GREAT interview with The Playlist while Rob is promoting The Lighthouse.

An excerpt:
I moderated a Q&A last night with Robert and Max [Eggers] and Robert kept saying that if he didn’t think you were wet enough he would take the hose and spray it on you. 
I mean, even if I was the most patient person and this was my job, if my director kept doing that, it might annoy me a bit. I mean, it’s kind of fun. It’s like anything which is these extreme things to react to it allows for [a] more extreme performance and Roberts one of the only people I’ve ever worked with who never says… I’ve never done a movie like this where you were never told to tone it down, ever. It provokes a really kind of primal instinct in you when you’ve got a fire hose in your face and you’re kind of like, I don’t know, you really rage against it. It’s kind of fun.

Outside of “Good Time,” I think this is, for lack of a better word, the most “passionate” character you’ve had? It’s the most angry that I’ve seen you on screen ever, maybe? At least for more than one scene. When I asked Robert about that, he thought it was because no one has offered you a role like this before. Do you agree with him? Or do you feel like you found something in this film? 
I mean it is a quite unusual role. There’s a couple of speeches at the end when there are two kind of key moments when the character is so drunk he can’t distinguish whether he is himself or the person that he’s talking to. I was like, “O.K., so that’s the level of drunk and it’s pretty high.” And then a few of the last scenes when he’s just really, really losing his mind and they were just so funny and sort of wild and you just knew that you could feel how much you needed to rev yourself up for it and I don’t know. I guess, yeah, I guess it’s just the part really. I mean there’s very few scenes where people, yeah, where people do like rage for a sustained period of time. But I think it’s one of the most fun things to play. I’ve always been sort of on the lookout for it, but it’s actually quite rare to find.

This movie is definitely rare, in many ways, but it’s exciting how well it’s doing at the box office. I don’t know if you’ve seen, but the numbers for the expansion are fantastic. Does that give you hope that in this era of blockbusters, these sorts of movies will keep getting made? 
I think it’s incredible. I mean, I’ve done some weird movies. [Laughs.] And this is definitely [a] pretty weird movie and to see that there’s a hunger for it. And I mean it’s pretty, it’s great. And hopefully, it’s a harbinger of where things are going to go in the movie industry. I just always look at movies that are coming out. Like I was talking about this with [producer] David Crane about movies and things like “Existenz” and stuff like that. They could be an art-house movie that was also mainstream and that will be wonderful for me because that’s exactly the type of movies I want to make. But yeah, seeing people go to it and be excited about it? It’s sort of a strange kind of event movie, like a certain uber of people.
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Source: The Playlist


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