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Robert Pattinson Featured In Sunday's Observer Magazine

Robert Pattinson Featured In Sunday's Observer Magazine

Rob is featured on the cover of tomorrow's Observer magazine with a new interview inside and photos by Danielle Levitt.

Can't wait to see the photos and read the interview!

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MOVIE NEWS: Damsel has a US release date and Claire Denis talks about Robert Pattinson

MOVIE NEWS: Damsel has a US release date and Claire Denis talks about Robert Pattinson 

Damsel has a US release date so strap on your cowboy boots and be sure to support! Is that the right mood for us? I don't own cowboy boots. I don't even have a hat. I'll just have to wear jeans and shirt and go see Rob and Buttercup.

 photo tumblr_p3q9v82NYp1qdecsao5_r1_250.gif photo tumblr_p3q9v82NYp1qdecsao3_r1_250.gif
 photo tumblr_p3q9v82NYp1qdecsao2_r3_250.gif photo tumblr_p3q9v82NYp1qdecsao6_r1_250.gif
 photo tumblr_p3q9v82NYp1qdecsao4_r2_250.gif photo tumblr_p3q9v82NYp1qdecsao1_r2_250.gif

Damsel opens June 22nd in US theaters. 

Claire Denis also had a fun anecdote about Rob regarding working with him for High Life.

Excerpt from The Guardian:
The actor she’s enthused about now is Robert Pattinson, who stars in her upcoming High Life, an English-language drama set in space. She didn’t choose Pattinson, she says, although she’s rated him since Twilight; he approached her. “I thought he was too young, too good-looking. But then the film was delayed and he said, ‘You see? I’m getting older.’”
Click HERE if you want to read the whole interview.

We also have no premiere dates or festival announcements yet. We'll keep you posted!

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ROBsessed Quickie: Screenwriter, Luke Davies, talks about Robert Pattinson channeling discomfort in 'LIFE'

ROBsessed Quickie: Screenwriter, Luke Davies, talks about Robert Pattinson channeling discomfort in 'LIFE'

I liked this interview Luke Davies did with The Guardian ('Luke Davies on 'mischievous' James Dean and the myth of a broody youth'). He mentions Rob but also shares his reasons for penning LIFE and that "Dennis Stock was the powerful figure who had something to offer to James Dean, who was conflicted about what it was that was being offered: a doorway into the fame machine."

I am still bitterly waiting for Dec. 4th along with many of you so these interviews are torturous and a pleasure. The excerpt that mentions Rob specifically was interesting because we've only heard or read Rob mention Dennis' personality or the chip on his shoulder. Davies expands on those issues with The Guardian:
Stock’s personality was easier to uncover. Davies says his ex-wives described the photographer as “a classic old school misogynist”. While the film has depicted him in a more flattering light, Pattinson retains a certain hard-done-by attitude. “It was great casting him as the angular Dennis character, always a little bit on edge, by not feeling that he was getting recognised in the right way. 
“I’m sure that’s not Rob Pattinson’s experience, [of] not getting recognised, but there is a discomfort, which he got to channel.”

Stock had mixed feelings about the Life photographs, says Davies. “He went through his life with a real chip on his shoulder that the thing that paid his rent for the next 40 years was that moment in time, not all the other stuff he did. I think it was both a curse and a blessing.”
Click HERE to read the entire interview!

Robert Pattinson's 'The Childhood Of A Leader' Makes It Onto The Guardian's ’30 Films We’d Like To See At Cannes’ List

Robert Pattinson's 'The Childhood Of A Leader' Makes It Onto The Guardian's ’30 Films We’d Like To See At Cannes’ List

The Guardian compiled a list of the '30 movies they'd like to see at the Cannes Film Festival' this year and you guessed it, one of Rob's movies is on that list! Here's what they had to say about The Childhood Of A Leader:
"Brady Corbet’s made a career of being That Guy Who Was Great in That Thing. You half-recognised him in Thirteen, Melancholia or Martha Marcy May Marlene, now – finally – it might be his time to shine. His directorial debut, The Childhood of a Leader, will push many of the selectors’ buttons: it’s arty (based on a Jean-Paul Sartre short story), starry (Robert Pattinson, Bérénice Bejo) and sufficiently Francophile (set in Paris during the first world war, shot in both English and French). Director’s Fortnight at least."
Since production for The Childhood of a Leader only recent wrapped, I think Cannes this year is out of the question. My bet for earliest possible festival is a fall festival.

BUT, it doesn't take much for me to want to whip out this awesomeness....

 photo KoC.jpg


NEW: FKA twigs calls Robert Pattinson "the man that I love" and "100% worth it" in interview with The Guardian

NEW: FKA twigs calls Robert Pattinson "the man that I love" and "100% worth it" in interview with The Guardian

This is so freakin' sweet and he deserves all of it. Well...she's actually talking about serious things and once I clear the hearts from my eyes that Rob has a sweet girlfriend who knows he's SO worth it, then I can get serious. But the hearts are still there, guys. The hearts are still there.

 photo RobT.jpg

Excerpt from The Guardian:
“Oh, I’m nothing. I’m nothing right now.” Twigs offers a neat delineation on the different sorts of repute a “weird” artist can attain. “I think it’s easy to sit in this trendy cafe, in a trendy little area of New York, and say ‘Ooh, I’m FKA Twigs’. But outside of these four blocks, does anybody really give a shit? Probably not. I’m well aware if I walk down one street in New York, I’ll hear people say: ‘Oh my gad!’ And if I walk down another street: nothing. And those streets are blocks apart from each other.

“I’m appealing to people who want something different,” she says, “but the world, on the whole, doesn’t really embrace different things. Not on the whole.”

This might be a subject on her mind because she’s been wrestling, of late, with a fairly major collision between the worlds of the niche and the mainstream. When her relationship with Robert Pattinson became public, a couple of months ago, it narcotised her public profile – a profile that had until then been pretty subtle and quiet and under Twigs’s direct control. Pattinson retains a lot of manic fans from his days as a young-adult idol in the Twilight film franchise. Twigs is mixed-race, her mother part Spanish and her father Jamaican, and when the relationship with Pattinson came to light she received a lot of crude online abuse from his fans. “I am genuinely shocked and disgusted at the amount of racism that has been infecting my [Twitter] account the past week,” she tweeted in September. Advertisement

Twigs tells me: “Obviously I know if you’re putting yourself out there, saying, ‘Hey! Listen to my music!’, with pictures of yourself in the magazines, then people are going to judge you. ‘I hate her music. I hate her hair. I hate her production. I hate her videos.’ Fine: don’t care. That’s the great thing about art, it’s not for everyone. But when it comes to racism, really? In this day and age? Pick that?”

Pattinson has joined her in these early stages of her US tour, a sweet gesture that has unfortunately launched a grim game of cat and mouse around the city, the pair trailed everywhere by a school of paparazzi. There were especially awkward photographs taken the night before our lunch, Twigs pictured getting out of a cab with one hand in Pattinson’s and the other trying to shield her face from flashbulbs. I tell her how uncomfortable the images were to look at, her distress plain. She doesn’t want to go in to specifics of her romantic life (who would, after two months of gossip-page commentary?) but she says something rather lovely about the compromises required of this new relationship. I think it’s worth quoting in full.

“That side of my life [the paparazzi] is nothing to do with me. That’s, like… That is the… side of life of the man that I love. And… when that started happening I had to… Because that is the opposite of who I am as a person, and it was weird… Then I had to sit back and have a conversation with myself and I had to say: that is something really horrible. No, not horrible, I don’t find it horrible, it’s something that’s very challenging. I look uncomfortable because I am uncomfortable. But then it’s, like, is this person in my life worth that? And he is, without question. Do you know what I mean? In comparison to how happy I am. And how I feel with him. It’s 100% worth it. Does that make sense?”

It does.

“Good,” she says. We eat our trendy food.


From a balcony at the back (a few seats down from the famous boyfriend) I struggle to recognise the lunch buddy who quoted The Lego Movie at me and got sad over a memory of commemorative coins. I’m watching Twigs in performance mode, obscure and remote. During the final sequence of songs there’s a sudden, sustained ovation, after which she breaks character for a second to say a flushed thank you. Afterwards, outside the venue, one fan turns to another and says: “I had no idea until then she was even English.”

You can read the interview in full HERE!
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Source | Thanks Flavia!

ROBsessed Quickie: John Cusack - "It's wise and speaks highly of Robert Pattinson that he's formed a thing with David"

ROBsessed Quickie: John Cusack - "It's wise and speaks highly of Robert Pattinson that he's formed a thing with David"

Time for a quickie.

 photo whatsup.gif

This one brought to you by John Cusack...

 photo RobJohn.jpg

Young stars should seek shelter wherever they can, [Cusack] says. His Maps co-star Robert Pattinson is going about it the right way. The film is Pattinson’s second collaboration with Cronenberg after the Don DeLillo adaptation Cosmopolis, which helped R-Patz break from Twilight. 

“I think it’s very wise – and speaks highly of Robert [Pattinson] that he’s formed a thing with David. He can try to be good and have a space where he’s not just this product that’s going to be followed around by TMZ. That speaks to the healthier instincts of the guy. I don’t know if there’s that space for other people.”

~John Cusack to The Guardian

Robert Pattinson talks about his Idol's Eye character, doing theater and MORE with The Guardian

Robert Pattinson talks about his Idol's Eye character, doing theater and MORE with The Guardian

Great interview with Rob for The Guardian during is UK promo for The Rover!

 photo Robert-Pattinson-portrait-010.jpg

The Guardian: Robert Pattinson: ‘The Rover felt like a dream'
He made his name as teenage vampire heart-throb Edward Cullen. Then his turbulent romance with co‑star Kristen Stewart dominated the world’s gossip columns. Now Robert Pattinson is older, wiser and shedding his Hollywood pretty-boy image. He talks about his new role in David Michôd’s dystopian outback western The Rover

There is a moment in The Rover, David Michôd’s futuristic western set in the Australian outback, in which Robert Pattinson’s character sits in the cab of a truck at night listening to the radio play Keri Hilson’s hit Pretty Girl Rock. The night is black and the radio tinny, and softly Pattinson begins to sing along. “Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful,” he sings, his voice high and whiny, the lyrics muffled by lips that cling to dirty teeth. “Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m beautiful.”

It’s a pivotal moment for Rey, the slow, needy, uncertain young man Pattinson plays, but it also feels like something of a reference point in the career of the actor himself; a small reminder for the audience of just how far he has run from his days as the pretty-boy Hollywood pin-up.

The Pattinson who walks into our interview this morning seems to play a similar trick, pointing out, two steps into the room, that the hotel carpet “looks like a Magic Eye picture”. And indeed it does – a bold, blurry pattern in stripes of cream and black. But Pattinson’s remark also serves to shifts attention neatly away from himself, as if he is weary of being the centre of it, the face that everyone stares at.

Pattinson was 22 when he was first cast as Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga, the five-part movie adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s best-selling teen vampire novels. Overnight he became one of Hollywood’s most adored young stars, pursued wherever he went by paparazzi and screaming fans. He was named “the most handsome man in the world” by Vanity Fair, and one of the 100 Most Influential People by Time. Amid all the fuss and the madness he embarked upon a tortuous relationship with his co-star, Kristen Stewart, that meant the young couple were rarely out of the gossip pages.

He is 28 now. The final Twilight instalment done, the Stewart romance finished, he is finally cutting a dash as a serious actor.

Early leading-man roles (Remember Me; Water for Elephants) have given way to more challenging characters – he earned impressive reviews for his portrayal of a young billionaire in David Cronenberg’s adaptation of Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis, and will soon be seen in another Cronenberg project, Maps to the Stars – as well as starring alongside Nicole Kidman in the Gertrude Bell biopic Queen of the Desert.

But for now he is rooted in Michôd’s The Rover, a brilliantly dark story of a loner (Guy Pearce) in pursuit of a gang of ramshackle crooks who have stolen his car. En route, he acquires Rey (Pattinson), the brother of one of the thieves, whom they had left for dead at the scene of a botched robbery, and together they chug through the Australian desert, now a glowering, lawless land 10 years after a global economic collapse.

“I just thought it was strikingly original,” Pattinson says of first reading Michôd’s script. “Even in the way it looked on the page.

“David’s got a very specific way of writing dialogue. It’s very functional, the writing’s very harsh, it’s savage, but it didn’t feel just stylised writing – it was emotional as well. It just seemed so natural compared to something like No Country for Old Men. I always felt that was more like film writing. And this didn’t really feel like a film script – it felt like a dream.”

Pattinson has a very particular way of speaking: he will talk softly, intently about subjects you sense mean a great deal to him – Michôd’s writing, for instance, or the craft of acting – only to then sweep it to one side with a flourishing “It was crazy!” or a burst of wheezy, slightly wild laughter. It gives the impression of someone who has not quite yet settled into his skin.

He had to audition for The Rover – a process he loathes. “I’m quite good at doing meetings,” he says. “If I’m just meeting someone about a job I’m like a dog, especially if my agent’s said to me: ‘A lot of people want this job.’ Then I’m like: ‘Oh yeah? Then I will do anything to get it!’” What’s his technique? “I don’t know, I just become a bullshit artist!” he laughs. “That’s when I start acting! I’m really much better at doing it when the cameras aren’t rolling …”

But auditions petrify him. He has spoken of the good 45 minutes of “neuroses” he has to suffer before any audition can ever really begin. “I just can’t … I literally can’t do it,” he tries to explain. “It’s just me looking uncomfortable, trying to put on an American accent … or sitting in the corner, making myself throw up and punching myself in the face.” What helps get him past the neuroses, what happens after those excruciating 45 minutes that helps him perform. “Just that you think that someone actually believes you can do something,” he says. “That makes me sound like such an idiot. It’s crazy.”

But the joys of acting still outweigh these moments.


Does Robert Pattinson Have Sympathy For Eric Packer?

Does Robert Pattinson Have Sympathy For Eric Packer?

Find out what he told "The Guardian" in the new video interview below.
David Cronenberg talks about having Rob in every scene of the movie and how he chose Rob for the part.
Rob also mentions how most of the movies in the cinema at the moment are superhero movies and "Cosmopolis" is the 1%

You Tube

Source The Guardian via @Gossipgyal
You Tube Thanks to

"Cosmopolis Is So Different To Other Films, & That's One Of The Reasons I Wanted To Do It"- Robert Pattinson

UPDATE: I picked up a copy of "The Guardian" and scanned it for you

Robert Pattinson Tells The Guardian "Cosmopolis Is So Different To Other Films, & That's One Of The Reasons I Wanted To Do It"


Click for Larger

"I don't really know how accepted I am," says Robert Pattinson as he sips on an enormous paper cup of Coke. "Nothing ever matters to me apart from the people with negative opinions. That's literally it. That always drives me on to the next thing. It's funny, you just focus on them and then the next movie. That's the only thing you're thinking about when it comes out."

For someone with the world at his feet – he has the Twilight franchise behind him and David Cronenberg's icy drama Cosmopolis as his next release – Pattinson gives a good impression of a man plagued with self-doubt. "I've never really taken myself seriously as an actor," he says, fresh off a plane from Germany, where, he notes by the by, everybody seems to hate him.

"It is surprising the amount of people who think I'm going to be really dumb," he says. "I think they think anyone who has done teen movies is just an idiot. I don't know, maybe I am. Some of the best actors, if you talk to them, they're not the smartest people in the world."

The Guardian (UK) calls Robert Pattinson & David Cronenberg pairing "pretty special" + Bel Ami and Cosmopolis make 2012 lists

The Guardian (UK) calls Robert Pattinson & David Cronenberg pairing "pretty special" + Bel Ami and Cosmopolis make 2012 lists


From The Guardian:
Robert Pattinson already looks to be forging the most interesting post-Twilight career of its leads, and here he teams up with David Cronenberg for an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s 2003 novel. Cosmopolis is a modern answer to Joyce’s Ulysses: one day in the life of asset manager Eric Packer, who loses billions of dollars in the financial markets in a 24-hour period as his limo traverses New York. 

The Guardian also posted about the futures of Harry Potter & Twilight stars. Here is the excerpt about Rob:
Arguably, it's Pattinson who looks to be making the most interesting moves. At 25, he's the oldest, and cut his teeth as Cedric Diggory in the Potter films. In the past he has demonstrated a literary/artistic bent (he played Salvador Dalí in his last pre-Twilight film, Little Ashes), and he's going down that road again next year, with Bel Ami (released 2 March), an adaptation of the Maupassant novel. Later in the year we should be getting Cosmopolis, another literary adaptation (of Don DeLillo's 2003 novel), which has Pattinson as a mega-rich asset manager stuck in a limo for 24 hours. The director is David Cronenberg, so chances are this will be pretty special.


The Independent listed Bel Ami & Cosmopolis as unmissable cultural treats in 2012:
Bel Ami

Twilight's Robert Pattinson plays an unscrupulous journalist on the make in 19th century Paris in an adaptation of Guy de Maupassant's novel directed by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod (from theatre company Cheek by Jowl.) Long before phone hacking and the Leveson Inquiry, the film shows that journalists were using the most devious means to get ahead.

Release date: 2 March


A multi-millionaire young stockbroker heads across Manhattan in a limousine to have a haircut. It may not sound like much of a starting point for a film but David Cronenberg's screen version of Don DeLillo's novel promises to be a sleek and disturbing satire about narcissism and modernity. Robert Pattinson stars as the self-absorbed anti-hero.

Release date: TBC
Cosmopolis made MovieHole's top 25 most anticipated films of 2012. Cosmopolis is #7 :)
7. Cosmopolis

Say what you will, Robert Pattinson is the still clandestine talent of the Twilight franchise. Coupled with director David Cronenberg, he might finally be able to convince the cynics of that.
Click HERE to read the whole list

Via: CosmopolisFilm

"Twilight Is Like Marmite" - Robert Pattinson

Hey Robert Pattinson is a poet and didn't know it (well maybe he did actually)
Anyway if (unlike me) you can stop staring at him in blue have a listen to this interview with "The Guardian"

Robert Pattinson "The Guardian" Observer Mag Scans

So you just KNOW I had to go out and buy "The Guardian" this morning for the Robert Pattinson article.
If you missed the transcript of the article last night check it out HERE
It's a really good article so make sure and have a read.


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Robert Pattinson Interview with The Guardian, UK

Great interview from The Guardian, UK. Take a moment, sit down and take this one in - I always like to hear other peoples initial thoughts about Rob upon meeting him.


When asked about the pressures of fame, Emma Watson (Hermione in the Harry Potter series) said she was thankful she wasn't Robert Pattinson. "I can't even imagine what that kind of fame must be like," she said. "So many people must wish they were in his position and think he has the best life, but actually there are prices you pay. Don't interpret that from my perspective. It's not so bad for me. I'm not in Rob's position: I don't have people screaming and crying and clawing at me. I'm so grateful for that."

It says something when the star of Harry Potter thinks that you're the one who's too famous. But Pattinson – aka R Patz – seems to have taken it in his stride. He greets the screaming hordes with humour and charm and a willingness to pose for pictures. (Kat ~ One of the many reasons we love him so) There have been no drugs or fights with paparazzi. Even the romance he struck up with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart two years ago has survived breathless coverage in the gossip magazines, a testament to the 25-year-old's sangfroid.

So today ought to be a breeze. He's at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills to talk about Breaking Dawn – Part 1, the fourth instalment of the Twilight franchise that has been his life for the past four years. When he shows up, however, he's a mess. (Kat - A hot mess?) His famous hair is ungroomed and his T-shirt has a gaping hole all down one side. It's not even a fashionable tear – the stitching has just gone. (Kat - this is the part when his Mum rolls her eyes while reading this in the paper) He looks as though he's just been mobbed by a gang of rabid Twihards.

Happily, Pattinson doesn't seem to care. In the twilight years of the Twilight juggernaut, his thoughts have turned to what life might be like afterwards. "It's like being compared to people who've been in massive movies who just sort of disappear afterwards, even though they probably had incredibly fulfilling and successful lives," he says, nibbling on a fingernail. "Like Luke Skywalker." He scratches his head. "What the fuck's his name?"

Mark Hamill.

"Yes! People are like: 'Oh, the Mark Hamill curse.' And poor Mark Hamill. Jesus Christ." He tilts back in the chair and laughs, apparently oblivious to the state of his T-shirt. "I mean, I'm sure he did fine."

It's easy to forget that this charming shambles of a man commands at least $12m a movie. The cheekbones are a clue, but his eyes seem further apart than you expect – it's a model's face, more attractive in 2D. (Kat - I would have to disagree, but that's okay, each to their own) And Pattinson doesn't have any swagger or strut about him. As tall as he is, he doesn't impose. His body language is loose, approachable, self-effacing. He's not at the summit admiring the view so much as peering down and hoping he doesn't fall off. "I think of impending doom all the time," he says with a shrug.

This apocalyptic fear stems from the way his career started. One minute he was a complete unknown. And then, out of a clear blue sky, Twilight happened, and he turned into Elvis. Girls on every continent went bananas, as did their mothers. In 2010 Time magazine declared Pattinson one of the World's Most Influential People. And now the end is nigh.

Read the rest after the break...

Robert Pattinson Talks About Smelling Like An Elephant To "The Guardian"

What happens when you smell like an elephant? Some very strange things according to Robert Pattinson

Source via RobPattzNews

The Guardian (UK) talks Robert Pattinson and Cosmopolis



Can't wait for that "teen" label to vanish. Emilie De Ravin, Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci, Kristin Scott Thomas, Reese Witherspoon, Marion Cotillard...are they working with many "teen" pin-ups lately? Yes, Robert Pattinson appeals to teens and they do in fact have him pinned up ;) but he would not be booking these jobs with these co-stars (or directors) if he was soley some "teen" pin-up.

What do you guys think?

Thanks Steffi for the tip and Annie for the gif :)


Robert Pattinson Interview with The Guardian

Thanks to Trinitwilightlvr for the tip :)
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