Greek magazine Interview with Robert Pattinson (including Translation)

Here is the trans­lated interview:

This era’s icon

What is it that makes mil­lions of girls scream at every appear­ance of 23 year old Robert Pat­tin­son? It is a rea­son­able male ques­tion, isn’t it?

In Harry Pot­ter he went almost unno­ticed. His poten­tial to become an idol started show­ing with his lead role in “Twi­light”. The sec­ond movie of the series, “New Moon”, has just come out mak­ing the biggest open­ing of all time with $72.7 mil­lion the first week­end world­wide, and a 300,000 tick­ets open­ing week­end in Greece.

The fas­ci­na­tion asso­ci­ated with Pat­tin­son now is many times big­ger than the one asso­ci­ated with DiCaprio after the “Titanic”. So, there rises the inevitable ques­tion: What kind of icons are the ones needed in these times?

This is a guy who is much less of a rebel than the stars of the pre­vi­ous decades. He is clearly milder, more roman­tic and devoted to the one he falls in love with-in addi­tion to that, he is obe­di­ently loyal to her. He seems to be some­thing like that in real life as well. He doesn’t take advan­tage of his celebrity sta­tus, col­lect­ing female hearts. Not up until now, at least. Accord­ing to mag­a­zines, he is the new, more sophis­ti­cated ver­sion of a pop star, going around with a book in his hand and choos­ing to play the piano instead of foot­ball. Girls swear that he has an under­ground charm, a mys­tery that comes from an inher­ent reserved­ness and the appear­ance of an indif­fer­ent, disheveled charmer.

The point is not for how long this kid will remain on the top of the “hot” list, but that every era has the icons it needs to find its balance.

(This was a lit­tle arti­cle in the first pages of the issue. I found it quite inter­est­ing and the Dean pic­ture is quite sug­gest­ing. There was also an arti­cle explor­ing the Twi­light phe­nom­e­non before the inter­view as well but it was noth­ing new.)


Q: How uncom­fort­able is it, being called the new Leonardo diCaprio?
A: I think it’s not fair, espe­cially to him. He was nom­i­nated for an Oscar when he was eleven years old or some­thing .I don’t con­sider myself to be his suc­ces­sor.

Q: Your face is now in every teenage girl’s room. How do you feel as a teenage idol? A: It’s inter­est­ing. I never thought I would cause such reac­tions to peo­ple. I never thought that pale skin can be con­sid­ered so sexy. But it’s funny. When I was in school, no one expected some­thing like that from me. How­ever, some years later, every­thing changed.

Q: Can you still walk on the street like a nor­mal per­son though? You could become the vic­tim of hoards of young girls.
A: Not really. Things change very fast in the big cities. When you’re in a restau­rant, it makes sense for peo­ple to gather out­side. On the other hand, it depends on how much you’re inter­ested in some­thing like that.

Q: You have a real pas­sion for music. You also wrote a song for the first movie’s sound­track. Have you left your music endeav­ors behind you or is there still room for rock music in your heart?
A: I’ve started play­ing a lit­tle bit more now. Dur­ing the shoot­ing of the third movie I wrote some songs. I don’t know if I’m going to do some­thing with them.

Q: You have a band, if I’m not mistaken?
A: Not any­more. I used to have a band when I was fif­teen. But music remains very impor­tant for me. I just don’t want to release an album now because it will be like Edward Cullen’s new album.

Q: So, is act­ing more impor­tant for you?
A: It is as impor­tant as music, but it is dan­ger­ous to give myself to both at the same time. I think it’s bet­ter to focus on one or the other.

Q: Is it annoy­ing being con­fused with your char­ac­ter, Edward Cullen?
A: You just have to wait and see how peo­ple will take you. If peo­ple still see me as Edward Cullen in 25 years, I think I might have to mur­der someone.

Q: How’s the ideal date for you?
A: I have no idea. I’m not at all good at dating.

Q: Don’t you go out on dates in Eng­land, like in America?
A: We don’t “go out on dates” in Eng­land. If you go out with a girl once, then she’s your girl­friend. Oth­er­wise, you’re a womanizer.

Q: So you’re monogamous?
A: Yes, one girl at a time!!!

Q: Many review­ers have said that Stephanie Meyer’s books are noth­ing more than a metaphor for sex­ual repres­sion. Do you agree with that interpretation?
A: There is a mean­ing to the story, even with­out try­ing to find the hid­den metaphors. I didn’t even know S. Meyer was a Mor­mon and it didn’t affect me at all when I learnt that.

Q: What are your favorite vam­pire movies?
A: I’ve always liked “Blade”.

Q: How about Jack Nichol­son in Wolf?
A: Jack Nichol­son in gen­eral. He is the rea­son I wanted to be an actor.

Q: How does it feel being in the com­pany of other estab­lished stars?
A: The truth is that stars don’t par­tic­u­larly impress me. But I meet them when I go to talk shows. That’s when I get ner­vous because I try to be funny and smart at the same time. I try to find the right joke for the right moment and, damn, that’s not even my job.

Q: Do you ever dream of vampires?
A: No. And to be hon­est I rarely dream at all. It’s annoying.

Q: Together with Kris­ten Stew­art you share the luck of hav­ing become famous with just one movie. How much have you bonded with her because of that?
A: It’s won­der­ful know­ing that you’re work­ing with peo­ple that are at the begin­ning of their career as well, cov­er­ing the same dis­tance. We are all at a very cru­cial point in our lives. I think we will never for­get the days of Twilight.

Q: Are you at all excited with all the new fame you have gained?
A: Some­times you give inter­views and you’re so tired answer­ing the same ques­tions over again and say­ing dif­fer­ent stuff. I gave 2 inter­views recently to 2 mag­a­zines and when I read them one after the other they made me look like some­one who wants to kill him­self. I don’t know. It will prob­a­bly take me a lot of time to real­ize what has hap­pened to me.

(The inter­viewer was Sian Edwards for The Inter­view People-it doesn’t say when it was taken. Even in Greek, some things seemed kind of off… Like, he wasn’t answer­ing exactly the ques­tion asked and that is prob­a­bly a trans­la­tion problem.)

Translation done by Paranolia for Thinking of Rob


asoihgapoh said...

I love the commentary at the beginning about the icons of our age. I would love to hear Rob's thoughts on that, and wish the interviewer had addressed it during their meeting. It's true. I do hope that the icon image shifts in favor of the intelligent. That would nice for a change!

Unknown said...

“.....much less of a rebel than the stars of the previous decades. He is clearly milder, more romantic and devoted to the one he falls in love with--in addition to that, he is obediently loyal to her. He seems to be something like that in real life as well. He doesn’t take advantage of his celebrity status, collecting female hearts. Not up until now, at least.... he is the new, more sophisticated version of a pop star, going around with a book in his hand and choosing to play the piano instead of football. .... he has an underground charm, a mystery that comes from an inherent reservedness and the appearance of an indifferent, disheveled charmer."

Good description ...almost correctly...

"..a pop star" ?
.."Not up until now" ?

We've always been here.
Hollywood just did not get it.

Unknown said...

And they may still not get it.

LadyArt said...

The best on Robert Pattinson in a magazine I have ever read. I think there is nothing he would disagree - perhaps smile a bit -

I have already said it here, that RP is mostly giving back that part of stupidity that is being offered by his interviewers. The more sophisticated the questions, the better his answers.

One thing he said in one of his latest interviews was, that he didn't have much time to think about anything during the last year because he was constantly working and that this won't change until his contracts (until 2012 ??) will be fulfilled.

I really admire him for still remaining the same a bit restless, shy guy who still runs forward to be kind to the screaming girls - whereas I noticed a bit of "saturation" on the face of Taylor in an interview, which I do fully understand.
Robert said, that he regarded the whole hype as a sort of "job" he has to do...

Admiration! Young boy! Hero of our age?
Mine is old age - but still - he is the hero of my age...

LadyArt said...
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LK said...

This magazine is a very serious one here in Greece.BUT,they only wrote about Rob,because last weekend,at the opening of New Moon it became a riot at all the Greek cinemas.I know,because i participated in one,too.The article is taken from a foreign magazine and the journalist just took it,put some of his quotes and he made a "new" interview.I know it,because magazines like it don't care a bit about twilight saga.They know that it sells now and just used an interview from another mag.Even in Greek some things are not right.

LK said...

And something else.This quote about British who go out with a girl and they consider her as gf,it's the first time i hear that.I have many friends who stydy in London and i know that British are quite the opposite.They like playing the field A LOT!

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