'New Moon' Breaks International Records

NEW MOON grossed $118.1 million from 6,681 prints in 25 markets in its first 5 days of release. That brought its worldwide gross to $258.8 million so far. A number of markets are still to report:

Argentina launched at No. 1 with 1,23M pesos (325K USD) capturing 82% of the audience with 85K admissions. It is the second best opening of the year, behind Harry Potter 6, and the 10th best opening ever in Argentina, outperforming the opening of Harry Potter 1-5. Market cume is $1,6M.

NEW MOON grossed $15M AUD ($13.33M) from the 4-day weekend. It was the biggest industry opening, beating Harry Potter 6 which grossed $14.33M AUD. Opening day was the 3rd highest of all time. Midnight results were the highest since Star Wars: Episode 3 that garnered A$1,260M ($1.2M USD) in May 2005. NEW MOON played on 466 screens and grossed A$1.7M AUD ($1.6M). Market cume is $13.3M.

The opening day grossed an estimated 3.7M Reals. Market cume is $7.4M.

NEW MOON opened at No. 1. It is the second Opening day of all time, right after Harry Potter 5 (which was released on a Wednesday but during the summer) and outperformed Harry Potter 1-4.
Market cume is $2.6M.

NEW MOON had a record opening in Croatia, No. 1 with $225K from 15 screens. Its 3-day opening weekend is No. 1 for 2009, No. 1 opening 3-day weekend for all time.

NEW MOON launched at No. 1 with an estimated $17.04M from 1.9M admissions. It opened with 488K admissions on its first day from 751 prints, for a whopping $4.36M on Day One. In comparison, Twilight did 141K admissions and grossed $1.15M. NEW MOON was competing with a qualifying game by the national team to enter the next Football World Cup. Market cume is $17M.

A No. 1 opening on Thursday, NEW MOON tallied €287,135 ($428K) from 96 screens making it the 3rd highest opening day of all time for that territory. The result is more than twice Twilight’s opening day, and significantly higher than Harry Potter 6 and Quantum Of Solace. Market cume is $1.2M.

Another No. 1 for NEW MOON. The first day grossed €135,454 from 73 prints. NEW MOON's opening is 4 times that of Twilight’s at €33,000. Market cume is $1M.

NEW MOON grossed €1.83M (USD $2.7) from 625 screens, with more still to report. It's the 3rd highest Wednesday opening ever in Italy and the best Saturday ever, with 2.9M Euros from 770 screens. Market cume is $13M.

Launched on Thursday to 20.2M Pesos ($1.55M USD) so far, including midnight screenings, The opening is on par with Iron Man and way ahead of 2012 (15.6M Pesos). Market cume is $7.4M.

With NZ$2.615M ($1.9M USD), it's the biggest Industry opening, ousting local favorite Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings 3 which did NZ$2.609M. On its opening day, NEW MOON grossed 902,122 NZD ($672K) from 54 screens, the 2nd biggest industry opening day in New Zealand, right behind Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King. Market cume is $1.9M.

Market cume is $1.4M.

NEW MOON opened with 37.653 admissions and HUF 41.3M (USD 230k). This is the 4th best opening day of all time after Harry Potter 5 & 6 and Star Wars 3. Market cume is $750K

According to early results, NEW MOON is set to be the largest opening weekend in the history of The Philippines. Its opening day was the biggest of 2009, outperforming Transformers 2 opening day comps. Market cume is $2.1M

Market cume is $6M.

NEW MOON opened with €1,475M (USD $2.2) from 652 screens on its first day. It's the 3rd best Wednesday opening day ever, just behind two Harry Potter installments, and finally surpassing Lord Of The Rings 3. Market cume is $13.7M.

After two days NEW MOON brought in a total $203K off 29 prints in the French and Italian regions. Currently, it’s poised to be No.1 in both regions for the weekend. (The German region releases with Germany next week). Market cume is $767K.

The highest grossing international market, NEW MOON made 4.6M GBP on its opening day. It was the No. 2 opening film of all time, right behind Quantum Of Solace which opened with 4.9 GBP. Market cume is $18.7M.



nzkstewlover said...

*proud kiwi*

The Twilight Saga: New Moon has made Kiwi box office history by breaking all records for the best opening weekend in New Zealand.

Twilight fans turned up in their thousands at cinemas across the country with New Moon grossing over $2,640,000 in its opening weekend making it the biggest opening of any film in New Zealand history. The previous record holder was The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

The film took over $2.6m at the box office from 91 screens nationwide.

The film opened on Thursday, November 19 taking over $200,000 from midnight sessions alone. The film now looks set to exceed the first movie in the saga, Twilight, which took over $3.7m in New Zealand.

Loisada said...
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wow it never stop to amaze me!!I haven't seen the movie yet!!!god novemeber 26 can't be more tragic this days...in many countries opens on 26 ...do they count those days also??...cause tickects are sold in my country

Lutz said...

Where is Germany? :(

Lutz said...

Where is Germany? :(

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