New Moon DVD Extras Details

In an interview with Collider Chris Weitz revealed what we can expect on the "New Moon" DVD. I'm already excited!!!

Collider: What can we expect on the New Moon DVD?

Chris Weitz: On the DVD there will be some deleted scenes, there will be a commentary with me and I think Kristen, Rob and Taylor at the same time, and some making of and behind the scenes type stuff.

My big question is how many minutes of deleted scenes?

Weitz: I think it’s around twenty. (Kate: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE)

Is there really going to be that many minutes?

Weitz: Yeah, but sometimes it’s just showing a whole scene with bits that have been cut out. There is not like twenty minutes of stuff thrown out. It’s like here is the fully expanded scene.

Here’s my question….the Twilight fans are obsessed with seeing stuff they haven’t seen before. So how many minutes do you think of footage that’s not in the theater would be on the DVD/Blu-ray?

Weitz: I’d say a good ten minutes of groovy stuff they haven’t seen. (Kate: Chris I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE YOU (not as much as Rob but nearly as much)

So why did you cut it?

Weitz: The running time of the film and the cadence of how I wanted the film to play.

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Angie said...

It is too bad you can't buy the DVD at the theater, after seeing the movie. So you can go home and watch it again...and again.

Of course, the middle will not get as much play time. :b

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...


What a brilliant idea!!!

The movie is not even out and I'm already looking toward to the DVD....think it will be in march again?

If we're lucky we' ll get remember me and nm DVD in same month... Then eclipse 3 months later...and we sould have eclipse promos too!!!

Yep I have no life, all centered around Rob

skorpia said...

Thats a great idea!! I dont care if it cost 30 bucks Id buy it. Sell it with the candy. I HATE waiting 6 months for the release. Ive never been so amped to follow a series in my life.

skorpia said...

Im buying my tickets today for my local theater-we sometimes dont get movies so I was biting my nails.Yesterday they said theyre selling them and theyre having a midnight showing YESSS!!Thank you LORD!

Mickeefan said...

I love the commentary. I wonder if Rob will talk about his eyebrows the whole time, like Twilight! (wink,wink) I really don't care if he does, mind you, I just like to hear his voice!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

I will not be able to listen to taycob though... I will have to skip of mute his parts...he's a sweet kid... But his voice irks the shit out of me!

skorpia said...

LMAO!! taycob--yeah like Miley Cyrus aaa huuughh. Shes nice but she has chiclet teeth. Ok I'll stop now....

RPnKSaddict said...

It's been a wonderful whirlwind of Rob and NM. Haven't posted much,mostly just watching,and reading interviews.
I'm excited for the dvd to. I squeed when CW said he'd have Rob ,Kristen,and Taylor on the comentary.

RPG- I have no life either. I went a bought a netbook just so I could have acess to all things Rob,all of the time, even if we go on vacation.

Serap said...

Bloopers...for the love of god...put in BLOOPERS!!!

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