"New Moon" Spoiler Post

Since New Moon has come out in most countries we will be making a "Spoiler" post everyday for a week. Please discuss the movie in this post ONLY. Do not spoil anyone else by posting on random threads :) We want everyone to enjoy New Moon the best that they can. Thank you !


noisefaidaus said...

There have been so many mixed reviews by critics and fans alike, that who can say whose right or wrong.
I believe you have to take the movie at face value, the cinematography was beautiful and the direction by Chris was great.
Rob and Kristen in my opinion were perfect and both delivered a strong performance showing the intensity of their distress in being apart, and the depth of their romance.
I was also pleasantly surprised by Taylor, he was able to do a good job of bringing Jacob alive, and it had little if anything to do with his abs.
And the Volturi were bang on what I had always imagined.

Did the movie mirror the book, no, but then neither did Twilight.
I'm not disappointed though, the essence, and the emotional environs of New Moon were on the screen, to enjoy.
Any literal translations of a book to screen generally tends to be boring.

Within the confines of making a 2 hour movie, with a PG-13 rating and a limited budget Chris and the cast delivered an exceptional film!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wen, I haven't seen the movie yet (friday) but I've read quite a lot of comments on it and yours, is the best and the most objective one... Thank you very much.

PhinPhan said...

I'm going to look at the situation in this way: Any opportunity to look at Rob in action is my good fortune. So, I'll look past whatever complaints I may have about the movie and just savor the view. When the DVD comes out, I'll just focus on what I need to, however many times I need to. Tee/Hee. Yum!!

Kel said...

WHAT WAS EVERYONE'S FAVOURITE SCENE(S)? this I want to know as myself and my friend preferred different scenes :)

PhinPhan said...

Itsallnatural: My favorite scenes were: Beginning kiss in parking lot; Wolf/Victoria with BellaJump with Harry Heart Attack scene; Edward in the Sun/Reunion scene; Edward/Felix fight scene; Bella's asking to die instead of Edward scene; Edward/Jake/Bella closing scene; and Bella-Vampire meadow scene (just kidding on that one). :-)

Kel said...

@Becky lol for the Bella as vampire scene! I laughed so hard the first time I saw that, it is a little cringe worthy! lol But by the 3rd watch i didn't find it so bad, but honestly...what were they thinking?lol

Anonymous said...

Just enjoy the movie!! Who care about all the this & that. I did miss some of the lines I loved from the book, though, such as, Jake can hop & recklass in Forks etc.

Haystackhair said...

Wen, agree 100%. WEll said. As for my favorite scenes, definitely the saunter across the parking lot, smirk, and the kiss. Loved the joking between B&E- I should date such an old man, it's gross. LOL. I should be repulsed...as he lowers in for the kiss. GAH!!!! DIED.
The phone crushing scene and Edward in front of the Volturi. The pain and hopelessness he portrays is stunning.
And of course the reunion..Heaven...the kiss.
And the asking forgiveness....Can you? because if you can't I honestly don't know how to live without you (or however it went, LOL) DIED again.
Le sigh. Can't wait to go for my 3rd time.

Haystackhair said...

oops, shouldn't date that should be. LOL. Jizztyping as usual when it comes to Robward.

Kel said...

@jeepers77 Oh I did enjoy the movie :D just saying I couldn't stop at laughing at that scene! think many ppl felt the same! So I didn't really enjoy that part first time round lol

Anonymous said...

Oh my fav. scenes, Rob reciting Romeo & Juliet, Rob & Bella in the parking lot kiss, Laurant was great, & the WOLFS-amazing.

Anonymous said...

Oh my fav. scenes, Rob reciting Romeo & Juliet, Rob & Bella in the parking lot kiss, Laurant was great, & the WOLFS-amazing.

Colleen said...

I absolutely enjoyed the entire film--beginning to end. Chris Weitz did amazing. Coming off Twilight, NM was just BOUND to be better! Period. The acting was fantastic and brought the deep emotion of the book to the screen as best possible. Saw it twice opening day and can't wait for #3.

Favorite scenes were probably anything with the wolves (wonderful!) and I loved that they opened the movie with Bella's "grandma" dream. I knew after that that this movie would NOT disappoint! Oh, and loved the months pass by as she sat in her room. So great!

Haystackhair said...

Is it wrong that, already after seeing it twice, I could skip the middle just like I do when I re read the book? LOL.

noisefaidaus said...

You listed every scene that I loved.
Except 2 very small ones..
1. When Bella was in her room and the seasons were passing by.
2. The drowning scene when she is just floating beside her vision of Edward.

Both of them small but very effective!!

taz7609 said...

I can't choose between 3 scenes: Parking lot Kiss, the wolves chasing Victoria - SO nice how they cut between Bella going to the cliff, Harry, and the chase AND then the Reunion *sigh* I love how happy he is to see her - I melt....
I've only seen it twice but can't wait to see it again over the holiday! Happy Thanksgiving to all of Robsessed!!

noisefaidaus said...

LOL... I thought I was the only one that ever skipped the middle of New Moon after reading it the first time!!!

Unknown said...

New Moon is not a better movie than Twilight. Without Twilight there can't be NM. It's a prerequisite before you can understand what NM is all about. I don't (like)read fantasy-romance books. And so i have nothing against to compare NM movie with. It failed to thrill me as much as Twi did. I don't know why? It seems the movie fell flat on its face inspite of the werewolves and the volturis. The image of Cam Gigandet on a chase and battle w/ Rob still gives me the chill. KS and TL can make another movie together outside of Twi-saga. Poor Rob looked horrible with his makeup here. Twilight's cinematography is well suited to the creepy plot. Some scenes are rushed and some are dragging like the cinema scene. I believed the responsibility of seeing to it that NM get to the Box Office is heaped on Rob's shoulders. The trailer showed all the scenes of Rob to make his presence felt. I felt deceived by the promos.

PhinPhan said...

Itsallnatural: I don't know what they were thinking on that scene. It was funny the first time and the second time I literally felt embarrased for Rob & Kristen & the director and everyone involved in the movie. OMG. But I think the movie was saved for me by Rob's presence in the beginning and end. HaystackHair..don't feel bad about skipping the middle, I agree with you. But look at it this way, if we didn't have the middle, we wouldn't enjoy the end so much.

Haystackhair said...

@Wen, no you aren't alone. If I do read any of the middle, it's when Bella is thinking about how broken she is without Edward. LOL. One of my favorite parts, when she sees him in Italy (not getting this perfect I know) "And his words in the forst meant nothing. The last 6 months meant nothing. I knew I would never want anything but him for as long as I lived." Le sigh. I'm such a sucker for undying love. LOL.
Becky, very true, the middle makes the end so much sweeter!

Ellie said...

Favorite scene?
(parking lot...sex on legs. Just sayin'.)

aimary said...

OMG..the end?? anyone talks about the end?? marry me!!! I'm died!!
and of course, the parking walk, the reunion. every scene when Edward is involve!! lol

MMc said...

I saw the movie for free online last night for the first time........yes someone had bootlegged the film, which is a bad thing to do but at least I got to see it. I'll go to the big screen which will be much better but.........I thought Rob's makeup was just too much in this one. He looked ok at the beginning but the Volturi scene was not that great.
The lack of Rob was difficult for me........when he was on screen I was so thrilled and excited inside but during the whole middle part the excitement went away until he came back and then it was great.

I thought Rob's tone sounded the same all the way through the movie, low and quiet. He never smiled or had any energy.

In Twilight, I loved when he joked with Bella in his bedroom and the look on his face when he takes her to school.

Have ya'll ever seen Wuthering Heights? When I was young I saw that movie with Timothy Dalton as Heathcliff and...it was so sad and passionate and moving and tragic for the two lovers. You should rent it - it parallels some of the Bella/Edward angst.

Also Franco Zefferelli's Romeo and Juliet with Olivia Hussey is a great version of that story ......from the 1960's I believe.....another great adaptation of a tragic love story.

Those are two great classically written romances worth watching if you like the Twilight Saga. Check it out.

womadsart said...


womadsart said...

By the way.... what movie mirrors the book? This is so close to the book. I read them all and the movie was fantastic. I've seen it 3 times already since it opened last Thursday! It gets better every time, just like Twilight did!!!!

PhinPhan said...

Femroc: I loved the Olivia Hussey version of R&J and also the Timothy Dalton version of Wuthering Heights (he is also GREAT in Jane Eyre). Another good version of Wuthering Heights is the one with Ralph Fiennes and there was a recent version on the BBC that came out this year that was really good too. I am the biggest sucker for these types of tragic, heartbreaking love stories. Who knows, maybe they'll be remaking the Twilight series in 20 years...Rob could play the Charlie role---HA.

cubalibre said...

@Becky: I also felt embarrased watching this scene. It was quite a shocker to see Rob & Kristen running in a slow motion like some teenagers from a fairytail.

@Itsallnatural: the best scene was the sequence containing chasing Victoria/Wolves/Harry Clearwater's Heartattack/Bella's jump. The synchronization was perfect :)

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Ditto on the fav scenes....

Yes I forgive you Edward-take me now!!!!

paisleywicker said...

For me, I think it's simple.

If you didn't read the books you most likely won't like the films. If you;re a fan of the books or whole franchise , you'll probably love it.

I respected my Dad's best friend (who's a male, a lawyer, runner, Harvard graduate, with a wife and kids) when he decided to read all the books after seeing the movie and thought it was a little cheesy. He loved New Moon.

I think the people who call it rubbish are being SUPER dramatic.

Bottom line, the cinematography was fabulous. All the things they changed for the film were appropriate. It kept the essence. New Moon was good.

-the parking lot walk
-Jacob and Bella in the rain
-the wolf fight
-the moving painting at the cullens' house (almost #1)
-Edward crushing the phone
-anything with Charlie
-the slowmo bird when the wolves chase victoria

Michael Sheen was amazing.
Altogether, I loved it. Especially the oil painting scene. Idk why I love that so much.

RPLover said...

went for the second time Sunday night, alone this time, and although I liked it the first time, the second viewing was so much better! No distractions, no analyzing on my part and wondering what they're going to put in/leave out next...I could just enjoy the story and the emotions and get caught up in it like I wasn't really able to the first time. Kristen was much more believable for me the second time, too.

Favorite scenes:
-Strut from the car to Bella
-Rob quoting Shakespeare *heavy sigh and tear:)*
-Jacob/Paul wolf fight
-Reunion kiss!!!
-Volturi-Micheal Sheen was brilliant
-bedroom forgivness scene
-and I really loved the family vote scene, Rob's emotion when he asks Carlisle "how can you do this to me"...kills me, he's sooo good in this movie!!

so, yeah, basically everything! LOL for those who liked it but didn't love it the first time, my suggestion is go again, it DOES make a difference!! Thanks to the lovely ladies who encouraged me to go again and alone! <3<3

PhinPhan said...

OH..almost forgot...Bram Stoker's Dracula is a SUPERB Vampire LOVE STORY. Winona Rider plays Mina and Gary Oldman plays Dracula. It is the Classic Dracula story but under the direction of Frances Ford Coppola, it is a work of art and the love story is GORGEOUS. "I have travelled oceans of time to find you"...The entire movie can be found on YouTube. Highly recommend it if you love tragic love stories.

Unknown said...

The love story in "The Titanic" between Leonardo and Kate is perhaps the best tragic love story i've seen. Still unsurpassed #1 movie grossed more than $600 M.

Angela said...

I felt that NM totally mirrored the book, just leaving out the Edward dialog at the end and switching up the order. but all the Jacob stuff is there.

I really would have LOVED some more Edward love confessions, but it's OK, I do like what we got.

My favorite scene was him holding her hand (although his skin looked like it was flaking white) and he said "It's OK, you can sleep, I'm here and I'll be here when you wake up"

My favorite Non-Edward scene was Jessica Stanley.

I can't wait to get the DVD and just skip scenes from the breakup to the reunion.

I noticed the scene that we saw the still of, of him on the bed in the white shirt, with the real wolf, that wasn't in there was it?

And was the big green cake in there? I don't remember.

Carole UK said...

I saw the film for the 2nd time last night, on my own, and I enjoyed it so much.

I can't get over how beautiful this movie is.

Rob looks absolutely breathtaking, and I feel he plays Edward to absolute perfection in this one. The "sparkle" is a wonder to behold!

Well done also to Kristan and Taylor, also to Chris Weitz.

Thank you so much for this.

Definitely going again - and again - and.....

Carole UK said...

One thing I have noticed - I think there are a couple of sound track songs that I couldn't find in the movie - White Demon and Meet Me At The Equinox.... or did I just miss them?

Loisada said...

Becky, you're right. The key, in Gozde's words, is to keep your eye on the prize: RTP!

VintageHeart, I think you summed it up in a nutshell. Setting all the details aside, were you swept away by the movie magic experience? On that score, for me NM was a letdown. The THRILL is gone in this film. I never felt truly afraid, or elated. I did have a few nice unexpected laughs. And I did get a short taste of Bella's gut-wrenching pain. But there wasn't enough fleshed out time between B&E for me to feel real passion.

I felt more thrills in the out-takes for the reunion scene than in the rushed edited film version. If there was any time this movie could have slowed down and dwelled on some pure human emotion... that was it. How did Jack Sparrow put it?... If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it!!

crazy vamp said...

Rob, almost naked, on that floor ALONE??

***impure thoughts***

Unknown said...

Loisada, thanks for taking the time to comment though i never expected anyone to agree with me here. If i had not seen Twilight first, i would not have been Robsessed. In NM could not see that glint in his eyes or that walk that made me want to watch Twi- more than once. The music didn't move me it was too loud and destructive to the senses. I can't even remember one melody 0r lyric. It's forgettable.

Angela said...

loisada- My first viewing I was only swept up a few times, which I was expecting more. The break-up and depression did make me cry, then when Alice arrives, I cried, then when Edward says "Carlisle, how can you do this to me?" I choked up again.

But the rest didn't move me, at all. I was never scared or happy or whatever. Jacob has NO effect on me AT ALL.

but I'm praying the next time I see it, I get it more.

twmmy said...

Vintageheart, listen to the NM score. I didn't see the film yet, but the score album is amazing. And tomorrow I'll go to cinema, see NM!

Treasure_7 said...

My favorite scene was when Bella and Edward kissed in the very beginning and he made those noises like he couldn't get enough of Bella.

GOROB said...

My favorite scenes were Rob walking across the parking lot! Rob kissing Kristen! Rob in the classroom! Rob breaking up with Kristen! Rachelle running and jumping and diving scenes! Edi's scenes with Kristen and the wolves!Rob in Brazil crushing the phone scene! Rob with the Volturi! Rob and Kristen with the Volturi!Rob and Kristen in the bedroom! Anything with Robert Pattinson in it! I felt bad for him when he had to run because he does have one leg longer than the other so he looked a little awkward other than that, I cried from the breakup scene until the end, great job by all!

Unknown said...

Good thing i'm getting "How to Be" in the mail today. I have something to divert my mind from NM. I'll be falling Robsessed with Rob all over again.

Janece said...

I enjoyed the whole movie. Over all positive! Were there some problems, yes. But I tend to look at the glass half full!

Loved all of Edward's scenes. I think he did very well in expressing Edward's pain and anquish. I "felt" him. He is so much more than just a pretty face.

I think all the actors were great. Jessica cracked me up. I think Charlie is a beyond adorable.

I am perplexed when I read that Rob was not great in this or that it was poorly done. I think Rob did great. Maybe the material could have been better but he made me believe. I do not see Rob when he is in "Edward mode". I truly believe he is Edward.

Thanks for all of your opinions. It is so fun to come here and discuss and see what others saw that I missed or give me perspective.

Anonymous said...

I think what most people have a problem with is that the trailers led us to believe that even though Edward and Bella would be apart for a good portion of the movie, that the story would be focused on Edward and Bella's pain apart from each other.

I thought that maybe they would show us Edward's anger (fighting with or tearing another vampire to pieces), hunting Victoria, or perhaps even getting close to killing a human when he's in Brazil (just because he has almost let go of all his restraints and is wallowing in existance and he doesn't care anymore. It kind of shows how shut down and numb he has become) and of course him moping as well.

Also more time should have been focused on Bella's pain, one minute she's deeply depressed, the next minute you see her smiling with Jacob. Also when she jumped off the cliff, it was so rushed, it seemed like a backstory to the Victoria/Wolf chase! The cliff diving scene should have been the main scene, the audience should be made to feel the full emotional impact of that scene. But again the audience was cut short because the focus was mainly on the wolf chase.

I read this mini fic called "the abscence of light", and it has two chapters one from Bella's point of view, one from Edward's . And I thought it was great in capturing how they both are dealing with the pain, in their own ways.

So basically I guess what I am trying to say, is that the trailers made us believe that the story would be more rounded, and remain focused on E/B even if they are apart for a while. But the movie turned out different.

I think they tried to give that impression in the trailers to draw in the crowds. And I think that is why some twilight fans got disappointed.

And because of Edward's lack of presence there was a lack of that spark/magic (in a book you can always skip/skim pages. In a movie it just drags and becomes boring). Basically the heart of the story was missing for the most part, so what can one expect? And even when we got to the reunion scene, those emotionally climatic E/B scenes were rushed so that we didn't get to fully enjoy them. Basically they really cut us short on what makes this saga great, which is the E/B love story.

I am a firm believer that Eclipse can break ALL records if they just keep the story focused on Edward/Bella...I wish I may, I wish I might...

Was the movie good? yes
Was it great? No, and it chafes me to think how it easily could have been great if it had been done somewhat differently.

Teebloggy said...

OK, I've just seen it second time and liked it a lot better after the initial deflated feeling. I think I've worked out what is is though...

In Twilight you have the initial pre-get together anticipation and tension. (It's the "Moonlighting" effect). New Moon was my least favourite book and like a few other posters here I did kind of skip through the middle to get to the reunion. There are some really nice scenes though, the werewolf chases and fight scenes, the reunion and the Volturi scenes. Michael Sheen just chews up the scenery - what screen presence that man has!

Looking forward to Eclipse though as there's nothing like a bit of a love triangle to spice things up again! I would just really like to see more of a "besoted in love" vibe from Bella and Edward next time rather than constantly angst ridden and depressed over things. Think that was what this film was missing at the beginning and end. I still insist this is because it was missing the female touch that CH brought to Twilight. Still a good film though! :D

Haystackhair said...

um @femrock? Mind if I ask where, and how the quality was? don't post it here, you could email me. spiritrider@charter.net

Pet73 said...

I am so glad to read that there are finally a few people who like the movie. I only saw (illegal) snippets of it so far (the movie is still not out in Austria) but I already love it! Can't wait to see it on the big screen many times :)! Considering that I only know about 1/2 of the movie (in bad quality) I must say that looove the overall look of the movie (love you, Chris W.) and I'm blown away by Robs performance!

His facial expressions and body language in the reunion scene is extraordinary. The look on his face before she slams into him and afterwards, when he says "heaven" is great. But when he pulls Kristen inside the building, clutching to her body, when he cradles her head in his beautiful hands combined with this typical voice of his we all love and his face, showing us surprise, perception, joy, sadness, regret, guilt and finally passion and love, all that in only few seconds, it just leaves me speechless! How can anybody sane consider Rob a bad actor?

I also love the scene of Taytay and Kristen "breaking up" in the rain. Taylor is great in all the scenes I saw of him so far, but Kristen (and I'm not a big fan of her acting) really impressed me in this scene. When she starts pleading, I almost started to cry :(.

Of course, I'm team Edward all the way!

PhinPhan said...

Hey Femrock..me too on that. BucFanGirl@aol.com

Punz said...
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Butterfly25 said...

I saw it twice today,yeah twice,I'm that crazy, but I couldn't help that.

This movie is growing on me more and more and more...

I love the first scene with Edward when he walks to Bella. I mean, OMG, he looks so increadibly sexy and together with this cool music, oh wow.
And Edward's facial expressions when Jane is torturing him were unbelievable.
Robert did an amazing job, as well as Kristen and Taylor.

Definitely going to cinema againa and again...

Anonymous said...

I just came back from my second and a half time seeing the movie. I love it so much it makes my stomach tie up in knots.

Can we just talk about Rob reciting Shakespeare for a moment? I haven't seen where anyone has mentioned it, and I wish I could play it on a loop inside my sunglasses. There are no words to describe him.

And for some little deets, how about the Romeo and Juliet book cover that Bella wakes to from her first dream? Clock tower, red cloaked figures and man and woman embracing?!

And I must say I was blown away by Taylor. He made himself sexy and attractive with his confidence. I thought he did a great job.

I also almost died when Rob showed his response to their kiss in the school parking lot at the beginning.

And I loved the way they handled the end, and loved how they managed to get all the key dialog in here and there.

I also loved Emily!

But, oh Rob. He slays me.

Unknown said...

I have just seen it. All I can say is: Rob, I will. Or Edward, I will. I don't care. Well, I do, but both are good for me. :DDD
On the whole the movie was too long and stretched. I kind of liked the wolf part, made me forget about vampires, but it was stretched too.
What I want to say is that for me all parts and scenes of movies have to be meaningful or lead to something meaningful. All the movie until when we see the clock strike 12 is just "nonexistant". It has no meaning, feels like you just watch the movie, the time passes and that's it. I'm not anti-Team Jacob or anything, the beginning was "not" too. I don't know if you get what I'm saying, probably not. It's just that I would have gotten the same message from the movie if it was just Volterra and back. And I don't mean that because I've read the book. The whole movie until 12:00 did not deliver. It was beautiful visually, but not emotionally.
The scene in the parking lot - cracked me up. :DDD Rob was sooo showing off, "look at me, I have chest muscles". :DDD Good for you, dude. :DDD
I wanted Edward to be more protective of Bella in Volterra, cover her with his body more, hold her hand or smth.
Yes, too much screaming in bed (no pun intended). ;)
Most of you say the hottest Rob is parking lot Rob. I tend to dissagree. The hottest Rob was "marry me" Rob. The way he looked at her, those smiles, the eyes... The look he gave her made me melt right there. "You can kill me Edward, you can do anything to me as long as you look at me that way." :)

solas said...

I saw New Moon a second time today, and, as many note, it gets better each time. Not that it was bad the first time, but it seemed confusing to me somehow, chopped up, no flow, and yet when I saw it today, it worked very well and I enjoyed it so much more.
I am trying to understand this phenomonon/reaction--why a second viewing would make it better. I am not sure if it is a problem within--was I analyzing too much, was I expecting too much, was I wondering what would be left out, etc. or what, but as much as I appreciated it the first time, especially the acting (heartbreak personified)colours, the wolves, I could not appreciate it all as a whole until I saw it the second time.
I cannot yet choose my favourite scene--possibly the parking lot saunter and kiss and banter, or the reunion ('Heaven') and kiss at Volterra, but perhaps as I see it a few more times I will have a favourite. :-)

LTavares58 said...

I agree with almost everything that D.M. said but I don`t like the way Chris Weitz direct New Moon. I missed so much the emotional tune that Catherine gave to Twilight.
I had the feeling that all the actors missed Catherine too.
The first movie wasn`t perfect and I thought the second would be better but...
Rob is great, I love him so much but that makeup!! those clothes!! Really terrible! And the eyes? what happened?
My favorite scene: Bella saving Edward in Italy, all their kisses (I could feel the desire of both ) and the volturi, mainly Michael Sheen.
Summit lost the chance to make a great movie.
Chris Weitz no more, please.
Love Rob!!

Haystackhair said...

I think the first time you are so keyed up to see what they kept in and what was not there that you don't really process everything. The second time you are actually looking forward to the different parts and you can savor them. :)

noisefaidaus said...

@Haystackhair YES you understand!!!!!

Ripley said...

After seeing NM twice I have to wonder if you really didn't read the books or know the story, would the viewer really understand this was a love story? I did like the way it was shot. Hated CH way. At least CW left the camera on the kids longer than 3 seconds at a time. I still didn't like the wolf boys but loved the cgi wolves. Rob looked wonderful in every scene. I was excited for the Volturi scene and it didn't disappoint.

solas said...

haystack=thanks= that is a helpful perspective!

MMc said...

I think it's wierd that Kristen never shows any tears........all that angst, pain, screaming in loneliness and no tears?? c'mon - that's just not believable at all.

They crammed too much into the 2 hours and didn't take the time to develop the emotion that was needed. JMHO.

Maybe if I see it again I'll think differently.

Anonymous said...

I've heard people saying Taylor is a better actor than Rob. My observation is that most of the scene i'm excited to see(the ones with rob in it) i've already seen on youtube (my fault couldnt wait). so it didnt have that effect when you see it the first time. the 2nd time since you also seen the once with jacob in it evens it out. i did like it better the 2nd time. idk if my english is making sense but maybe next time don't show all scenes with Rob on preview.lol

Monica said...

well I agree with the fact that I would skip the middle, I loved the firs part and the last one but I love Edward and I didn´t see much of him and romantic stuff with Bella...I liked twilight more!

marina mia said...

hi all, well NM finally did its preview tonight in Malaysia (tomorrow 26th is mass release) - I thought it was beautiful. The cinematography was stunning and I just wanted to be right there.

I cant begin to say everything thats in my mind, but i'll try.

Here they cut the kisses! can u believe the most amazing scenes, and they cut them. Sigh.

Anything with Rob in was just breathtaking. He killed the first scene in the sch carpark and every scene thereafter.

i loved seeing him recite shakespeare, loved the scene crushing the phone and loved when they were reunited.

but because we've seen so many spoiler clips, i felt i didnt get to see enough of everything else. I felt that I didnt have enough time to be re-united with Edward before the end.

I think this was really Bella's movie, i loved her in this and i really felt her pain. the first nightmare she had and she screamed, my eyes just filled with tears. .

oh dear, theres so much more to say but i need this night to digest. will def see NM again. Cant think now. But dontcha just want Bella and Edward together now, right now.

jlsentangledweb said...

@ haystackhair and wen
I loved all those scenes! and the "Marry me, Bella" one at the end...sigh...and I skimmed through the middle of the book as well. I went back to reread it as SM suggested, but I was still just annoyed with Jacob. Can anyone tell me why they think SM thought that Jacob's POV so important in the series? I read the Midnight Sun excerpt and I've got to admit, I liked it better than Twilight.

jlsentangledweb said...

@ D.M.
I know what you mean; if the movie was supposed to be about heartbreak, then it should have focused a few key scenes on how Edward handled being separated from Bella. CW should also have kept the bedroom scene, after Volterra, when Edward apologizes.

Unknown said...
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