Robert Pattinson is Thankful for Being Born and SO ARE WE :)

So thankful that you were born Rob, SO thankful :))

Thanks to [info]dictums in [info]rpattzdaily


rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Ahh Rob we are so very thankful that you exsist as well!

Cute vid...Pierce looking mighty fine himself..

greenidgrl said...

We are very Thankful for you! :)

jc(britlover) said...

So happy you are here, too. Many thanks to your mum and dad for having such a "happy new year". Love me some Rob.

RPnKSaddict said...

Rob helps me keep my sanity.
Robsessed helps me keep my sanity.
I adore him and I adore this blog.

I'm sure Rob is thankful for his friends to. Sam will be in California on tour how much you want to bet that Rob sneaks to a show or two.
In which case we may get a glimpse before he goes completely under for the next month or so.

My DH has a major mancrush on Sam Bradley doesn't like Rob much though. LOL

Thanks to all the girls on the blog too. Love to come and read all of the comments.

Have a great day!!

crazy vamp said...

LOL! Yeah, so right!
Thanks to mama and papa P!!
You should have 'practiced' a lot, before making this perfection!

MiCh said...

Yeah, I'm very thankful that more than 20 years ago, Mama and Papa P went on summer vacation and created the living piece of perfection that is Robert Pattinson ;)

Seriously, I'm thankful for Rob and thankful for the opportunity to cultivate amazing REAL friendships with some of you, thanks to him.

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico but.. happy Turkey Day, y'all! GOBBLE GOBBLE!

solas said...

Happy and thankful Thanksgiving, too all who observe and enjoy it. I am particularly thankful for this site and the lovely pateint people who post, answer, think, give feedback and insights. My own kids (who got me into the saga in the first place!!!) are horrified that I have seen New Moon several times already; here I can find at least a few who can relate. thanks all!

Kelly Louise said...

Yes, I am very thankful for Robert Thomas Pattinson's existence. Although it does make me slack in my school work (naw, it's not your fault Rob, I'd probably find another distraction..) By the way, I'd like to have a pyjama Thanksgiving sometime.. sounds like fun.

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