Popsugar can't get enough of Robert Pattinson

I'm convinced. Popsugar needs to have Robsugar on their website. I know they admit to their affections for our charming, handsome, sweet sweet guy but trying to gather all the articles they've worked Rob in to has convinced me: they're totally ROBsessed.

We posted a couple of these when they first hit the webs but let's see just how over the moon Popsugar is for Robert Pattinson (and can we blame them? naaaah)

First up ALL the videos Rob appears in for Popsugar's Top, Best, Ultimate, Super, Mega, 2010 lists.

Rob singing for Songs From A Room nabbed #1 for Top Celebrity Singing Moments of the Year.

Rob and Kristen got the #1 spot in Popsugar's Biggest Celebrity Stories of 2010.

That wasn't the end of Rob on this top 10 countdown. The gorgeously grizzly beard gets some love in the #6 spot and his appearance during Hope For Haiti came in at #9.

Rob and Kristen hold a spot in Top 10 Celebrity Viral Video Moments from working on Breaking Dawn in Lapa, Brazil.

Robert is bothered at the #2 spot and Kimmel seems to think Rob's not handsome enough (pfft) in the #4 spot of Popsugar's Top 10 TV Moments.

Evidence of Popsugar's ROBsession continues after the cut.

Next we have articles and photo galleries of Rob in more top lists.

Rob was included in Most Memorable Shirtless Guys of the Year

Rob and Kristen were included in Most Adorable Celebrity Couples of 2010

Rob is all over the Biggest Headline for 2010

Rob and Kristen are included in Best Celebrity PDA

Rob is all over the photo gallery for Best of 2010: Rob & Kristen's Big Year

As if this wasn't evidence enough, Popsugar asks YOU if you think Rob is the best in 8 polls featuring Rob. Here is a compiled list, most of which Rob is winning. Vote for Rob and keep Robsugar, er, Popsugar ROBsessed!

WINNING Favorite Male Celebrity of the Year

WINNING Best Beard of the Year

WINNING Sexiest Man of the Year (eat it, Ryan Reynolds!)

WINNING Sexiest Couple

WINNING Best Dramatic Actor of 2010 (Yay for Remember Me!)

BARELY winning... Favorite British Actor (Harry Potter fans are making this one tight!)

WINNING Favorite Celebrity PDA

LOSING!!! Best Movie Romance (Bella & Edward and Ally & Tyler got nothin' on Ron & Hermoine...GO VOTE!)

So there you have it. You know how Popsugar has Buzzsugar, Casasugar, Lilsugar, etc etc...they really do need Robsugar. Doesn't that sound yummy? Robsugar....mmmmmm buttahscotch.

Source: do you really not know?
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