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Good Time and The Lost City of Z mentioned in loads of Best Of 2017 lists!

Good Time and The Lost City of Z mentioned in loads of Best Of 2017 lists!

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Yes, we're feeling it! Rob's 2017 was the best of his career! We already know he brought in key Best Actor nominations for the Gotham Awards and the Spirit Awards but Good Time has made countless "Best of" lists that we wanted to share with you.

Also, a pleasant turn of events - folks didn't forget The Lost City of Z! So that other great film Rob supported earlier in the year has its own set of accolades. We'll keep updating the list and if you notice one we've missed, let us know in the comments and we'll add it. This being the best and extensive set of praise since Cosmopolis, we want to memorialize this year in film for Rob!

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#1 - Best Films of 2017 - Film Comment
#1 - Best Films of 2017 - The Ringer
#2 - Best Movies of 2017 - Fox San Diego
#3 - Best Movies of 2017 - The New Yorker
#3 - Favorite Films of 2017 - Birth.Movies.Death
#4 - 10 Best Films of 2017 - BBC Culture, "Pattinson’s career-best performance
#4 - 10 Best Movies of 2017 - National Review
#6 - 10 Best Films of 2017 - Interview, "Robert Pattinson, in his finest performance yet"
#7 -Top 10 Films of 2017 - Cahiers du Cinema
#7 - Best Films of 2017 - Sight & Sound
#8 - Best Films of 2017 - The Playlist, "Robert Pattinson does his absolute best work to date..."
#10, Honorable Mention - Best Movies of 2017 - THR critics
#10 - Best Films of 2017 - Dazed
#14 - Best Movies of 2017 - Esquire, "Arguably the finest male performance of the year comes courtesy of Robert Pattinson..."
#14 - Best Movie Moments of 2017 - Indiewire, "Brought to life by the best and most committed performance of Robert Pattinson’s increasingly dynamic career..."
#17 - 20 Best Films of 2017 - AV Club
No Rank - Best of 2017 - Vulture, "Robert Pattinson gives a career-best performance..."

More accolades beyond Best Film

#2 - Best Performances of 2017 - The Playlist, "We can’t talk about Pattinson in 2017 without also mentioning his compelling and gentle supporting role in James Gray‘s grave and beautiful “The Lost City of Z.” But it’s his borderline unrecognizable turn in the Safdies’ “Good Time” that is the career-remaking revelation. Connie’s trippy, one-crazy-night, botched-heist shenanigans could merely be manic (and the film’s energy never flags), but Pattinson, beneath an astringently bottle-blonde mop of hair, (especially opposite an equally excellent Benny Safdie as his mentally challenged brother), brings the very thing his fame-making role as a vampire in the “Twilight” series definitely didn’t have: soul. R-Patz is dead; long live Robert Pattinson."
25 Reasons to Love the Movies in 2017 - Robert Pattinson - Rolling Stone, "it's the best thing the star has ever done
#3 - Best Actor - Dublin Film Critics Circle
#3 - Best Scores & Soundtracks - The Playlist
#3 - Best Uses of Music in Movies - Variety
#5 - Best Film Soundtracks of 2017 - Little White Lies
#6 - Best Cinematography - The Playlist
#10 - Best Film Posters of 2017 - Little White Lies
#16 - Best Movie Trailers of 2017 - The Playlist
#16 - Best Movie Posters of 2017 - The Playlist
40 Best Movie Posters of 2017 - Indiewire
Best Cinematography of 2017 - The Film Stage
Honorable Mention - The Huffington Post
Honorable Mention - The LA Times
Favorites - The New York Times

 photo tumblr_orw6hzxbzr1s9v0omo1_400.gif

#4 - Best Films of 2017 - The Ringer
#5 - Best Movies of 2017 - The Thrillist
#6 - The Best Films of 2017 - Village Voice
#9 - 20 Best Films of 2017 - AV Club
#9 - Best Films of 2017 - Film Comment
#9 - Best Movies of 2017 - Esquire
#10 - Best Films of 2017 - The Playlist, "...Robert Pattinson, who has had the best year of his career."
#31 - Best Movies of 2017 - The New Yorker

More accolades beyond Best Film

#1 - Best Cinematography - The Playlist
Best Cinematography of 2017 - The Film Stage
Honorable Mention - The Huffington Post
Honorable Mention - Best Movies of 2017 - THR critics
Honorable Mention - The LA Times
Honorable Mention - The Playlist

Video Mashups that include Good Time and/or The Lost City of Z!

Robert Pattinson is nothing less than a revelation in The Rover + more year end accolades for Rob's films

Robert Pattinson is nothing less than a revelation in The Rover + more year end accolades for Rob's films

The cinematography in The Rover was perfect for the film and others agree. The film makes a showing in this best of 2014 cinematography video:

The Rover wasn't forgotten by people but I enjoyed this write up the best.

10 out of 10 - Nick Laskins Top 10 of 2014 via ThePlaylist:
I must confess that I had been looking forward to this one since it was first announced and before I knew a damn thing about the film. David Michod’s chilling “Animal Kingdom” remains one of the most startling and assured directorial debuts of the last decade, and my favorite from the current crop of gloriously pessimistic Aussie cinema that includes the films of John Hillcoat, Andrew Dominik’s “Chopper,” and Justin Kurzel’s “The Snowtown Murders.” And yet my already-colossal expectations were not just met, but exceeded by “The Rover,” Michod’s spare, brutal look at savagery and survival in a world abandoned and left to rot by the very people who once inhabited it. The film unfolds in the midst of a worldwide catastrophe called “The Collapse,” the causes of which Michod wisely declines to explain. Some have criticized the film’s leisurely pace and minimal plot, but when the mood and menace is this thick and gorgeous, it would be churlish to complain. Guy Pearce—who, in his whole career, has never been this feral or terrifying, even when he beat Shia LaBoeuf to within an inch of his life in “Lawless”—plays Eric, a frazzled shell of a man whose single-minded pursuit of his missing automobile forms the crux of the film’s slow-burning narrative. As his traveling companion, Robert Pattinson is nothing less than a revelation. The actor has often relied on his striking good looks and air of affectless-ness in the recent films of David Cronenberg, where affectless-ness is a consistent stylistic choice. As Rey, the stammering, sweet-hearted simpleton whose wardrobe looks to be on loan from a 90’s rap-rock band, Pattinson reveals newfound dimensions to his screen persona. He is daft, childlike, full of wonderment and fear. He and Pearce acclimate themselves effortlessly to Michod’s hellish milieu, which strips its “Mad Max” futurescape of all action-movie chicanery and unnecessary exposition and reduces it to the bare essentials. Some have called the film “dystopian,” although that seems unfair and not quite accurate—perhaps this collective misjudgment is to blame for the film’s performance at the box office. But any film that manages to successfully utilize Keri Hilson’s joyously insipid “Pretty Girl Rock” in its most emotionally charged moment has to be something pretty special.
The critics over at The Playlist were fans of The Rover and have included the film and the performances on several lists already documented here. They still gave The Rover an honorable mention on their 17 Best Films You Didn't See in 2014 even though the film appeared in an earlier version of this list:
Films like "The Rover," "The Babadook," "Blue Ruin" and "Obvious Child" should have been bigger hits than they were, but we've been shouting about them for a while, including in our year-end coverage, so we wanted to use the spotlight to shine on some darker corners.
The Playlist, like Buzzfeed, ranked Rob singing Pretty Girl Rock, as 4 out of 15 of the Best Movie Music Moments of 2014!
David Michod's "The Rover" is unrelentingly bleak, or very nearly so. Set in a post-apocalyptic Australia that makes the world envisioned by George Miller's "Mad Max" movies seem like a day at a multi-level spa, the narrative is defined largely by bloodshed, squealing tires, and grime. But it's during the movie's darkest section that Michod brings out the most wonderful moment of levity. Over a stark, wasted landscape, and stars Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson tromping over brush, a familiar tinkling piano starts to boom over the soundtrack, former Timbaland protégé Keri Hilson's outrageously wonderful "Pretty Girl Rock." It lets the audience say, "Wait! I know this song," plugging them into the character's mindset in a way that the movie hadn't previously accomplished, segueing to the next scene, where Pattinson halfheartedly sings along to the song in some bombed-out vehicle (notably the line "Don't hate me 'cos I'm beautiful" which has to have meta relevance for the actor). The upbeat nature of the song gives the movie hope, even if that hope is just as phony and shiny as the song itself (and over just as quickly). It's sometimes hard to make an emotional connection with a movie as single-mindedly brutal as "The Rover," but this moment, thanks to this song, lets you in. It's also amazing to think that, in the dusty distant future, people are still doing the pretty girl rock.

Here are the current collection of videos that showcased the year in film. The Rover and Maps To The Stars pop up and it's fun to try and catch the scenes!

And lastly, for now, Maps To The Stars also snagged a 6 out of 10 best films of 2014 from The Yorker:
6. Maps to the Stars Celebrity is often satirised, but not usually so well. David Cronenburg’s Maps to the Stars was appalling, trashy, and thrilling. Stunningly entertaining yet thought provoking and at times, moving. It was testament to the idea that perfect execution can sometimes be better than having the most original idea.
I love love love that Rob's films get on these year end lists and best of mashups. Chances are we'll be doing this dance again at the end of 2015. :)

Robert Pattinson's strong 2014 + The Rover and Maps To The Stars make more Best Of 2014 lists

Robert Pattinson's strong 2014 + The Rover and Maps To The Stars make more Best Of 2014 lists

More year end lists! And this batch are of the professional variety. Maps To The Stars and The Rover have popped up without much outside help. Just simply being great films keeps them on the minds of several folks. To get us in the mood, we'll start with this montage video of 2014 films that includes both of Rob's movies this year. Hint: MTTS is first, then The Rover.

Rob was recognized individually byAnn Thompson of Indiewire/Thompson on Hollywood:
Actors Who Had a Strong 2014...
Robert Pattinson (“The Rover” and “Maps to the Stars”)
Here's the latest Best Of lists that included either MTTS or The Rover:

Maps To The Stars

The Rover

IMDb (from managing editor): Top 10 of 2014
7. The Rover + review ("Robert Pattinson in a career redefining role")
The Playlist: The 20 Best Films of 2014
20. “The Rover”
If one takes “The Rover” on its own methodical, minimalist terms — an existentialist fable that burrows deep into the moralism of its corrupted, barren landscape — it’s hard to deny that writer/director David Michod’s sophomore effort wholly accomplishes what it sets out to do. Stripping away all narrative complexity to the point of abstraction, the character study really breathes, but in such a completely different way to Michod's triumphant last feature "Animal Kingdom," that after just two features and a few shorts, Michod has us convinced he's the real deal. Featuring a stunningly grizzled, grimy lead performance by Guy Pearce, easily one of our favorite working actors, and an impressive turn from Robert Pattinson who is growing as a performer with every film, it's a movie that pulsates beneath the surface and in the long silences between dialogue and outbursts of violence. And it’s starkly beautiful to look at and to listen to, eschewing revelations and plot twists to deliver its deceptively simple story through mood, tone and atmosphere.
The Playlist: Best Of 2014: The 15 Best Movie Soundtracks Of 2014
6. The Rover
You gotta hand it to Aussie David Michôd. After “Animal Kingdom” the world was his oyster and he spent months in Hollywood looking at scripts and potential projects. But for a second act Michôd decided to take a bold left turn with “The Rover,” a dissonant, minimalist two-hander that feels literally scorched by the sun. For his post-economic-collapse picture, Michôd decided to only employ post-apocalyptic modes through mood, atmosphere, and music. While there’s some score by Antony Partos utilized, the bulk of the movie’s simmering, sinister musical tendencies are discordant and cacophonous source music by experimental and ambient composers the director chose (all of it listed here). There’s seminal avant-garde musician William Basinski (who might be experiencing a minor renaissance since he was used in “The Comedy” in 2013), Chicago post-rockers Tortoise, and Montreal-based saxophonist and multireedist Colin Stetson—a touring member of Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre, and Bon Iver (he also wrote the underrated score for “Blue Caprice” along with Sarah Neufeld from Arcade Fire). “The Rover” is not the most inviting or forgiving movie, but that’s the point (and of course a chipper Keri Hilson song briefly breaks the mood in a moment that’s both comical and yet heartbreaking). It’s a bleak, nihilistic look at the strange and unlikely partnership between a deceptively complex simpleton (Robert Pattinson) and callous, nearly inhuman man (Guy Pearce) who will stop at nothing to retrieve all that he has lost. And Michôd’s soundtrack is equally cruel, heartless, and unrelenting—in the best way.

The Rover pops up in this year end video but blink and you'll miss it! Hint: It's not an obvious scene.

And as if this isn't good enough, Rob's 2015 movies are making lists already! Little White Lies included LIFE on their list of Top 50 Movies You Need To See In 2015:
We still shiver when recollecting the luscious monochrome of Corbijn’s Ian Curtis pic, Control. Interim efforts may not have packed so intense a punch but the legacy of his debut lives on. The Dutch photographer created the effect of characters moving through a world so textured that it seemed to have its own pulse. For Life — the story of a photographer and his relationship with James Dean, Dane DeHaan plays the original rebel without a cause opposite reformed heartthrob, Robert Pattinson. Let’s see what he makes of them. Did you know Anton Corbijn bought his first camera when he was 18.

Robert Pattinson is Harper's Bazaar UK's Best Dressed, Popsugar's Hot Guy + more year end lists!

Robert Pattinson is Harper's Bazaar UK's Best Dressed, Popsugar's Hot Guy + more year end lists!

I love that Rob continues to make year end lists in his post-Twilight era. He's always been one to watch and my how we love to look.

Harper's Bazaar UK: BEST DRESSED MEN OF 2014
The men who have made suit-wearing an art form from Robert Pattinson to Tinie Tempah
 photo RobertPattinsonHQTIFF02.jpg 
Pattinson's off-duty style may be all about flannel shirts, white tees and backwards caps, but on the red carpet he shines, wearing a plethora of Gucci suits with aplomb. Pictured: Wearing Gucci at the Toronto Film Festival premiere of Maps to the Stars.
Buzzfeed: The 16 Greatest Movie Music Moments Of 2014
Robert Pattinson Sings “Pretty Girl Rock.” (The Rover)

David Michôd’s post-apocalyptic movie is set in an Australia filled with brutality, in which people have begun murdering each other over sparse resources and personal slights. It’s not a place for upbeat musical cues, which is why there’s something particularly jolting about the moment when the gruff Eric (Guy Pearce) and his hostage-turned-helper Rey (Robert Pattinson) make their way over the rough terrain to the shiny sounds of Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock.” Better still is the cut to Rey alone in a car, aimlessly singing along to Hilson’s entreaties that people not hate her because she’s beautiful. Civilization may be dying, but some songs, like cockroaches, will apparently live on forever.

Rob made several Popsugar lists and is currently in the lead for Favorite Guy of 2014. You can continue to vote for him HERE. Click the title's below to see more of Rob and the other lists he's on with FKA twigs:

Cahiers Du Cinema Top 10 Of 2014 Includes Robert Pattinson's 'Maps To The Stars'

Cahiers Du Cinema Top 10 Of 2014 Includes Robert Pattinson's 'Maps To The Stars'

We're approaching the time of the year where the Best of...... Lists are starting to appear and it's no surprise to see Maps Of The Stars popping up on this 'Best of 2014' from the esteemed Cahiers Du Cinema.

I know so many of you have yet to see it. I'm so excited for you all to see it and I'm genuinely hoping that you will get to very, very soon.
I'm expecting to see it popping up lots on more best of lists as the end of the year approaches.

Check out what else made it into the top 10 over on HERE

Robert Pattinson's Dior Homme fashion video makes year end lists and hits 16 million+ views!

Robert Pattinson's Dior Homme fashion video makes year end lists and hits 16 million+ views!

This is great for Dior and Rob! I love the commentary from Fashion Files. LOL You are welcome. ;)

 photo DiorRob-11.jpg

From FashionFiles:
This year, designers and brands became even more creative by bringing humor, unexpected plots and a lot of sex-appeal to their fashion film features. Louis Vuitton tapped the ultimate rock star, Dior went sexy and broody for Dior Homme, Alexander Wang had the funniest video for the spring 2013 campaign of T by Alexander Wang, and Karl Lagerfeld made not one but two shorts about Coco Chanel. Our Best of 2013 continues with this list of the the 10 best fashion videos of 2013.
Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme: Three things: Led Zeppelin, Rob Pattinson and Dior all in the supercut below. You are welcome.
From Fashionista:
The 10 Most-Viewed Fashion Videos on YouTube
Number 5. Dior Homme — Uncensored Official Director’s Cut by Christian Dior: 15,046,970 views

The Uncensored Official Director's Cut is ACTUALLY at 16,300,000+ views now!!!

 photo Highfive.gif

Via: RPMoms

VOTE: Robert Pattinson is up for Favorite Male Celebrity in 2013! Plus DiorRob needs votes too!

VOTE: Robert Pattinson is up for Favorite Male Celebrity in 2013! Plus DiorRob needs votes too!

The end of the year polls are in full swing and Rob is up for 2 fun ones over at Popsugar. You know Rob is your favorite celebrity of the year or else you wouldn't be on this blog! GO VOTE!!!

Who Is Your Favorite Male Celebrity of the Year?
Click HERE to VOTE FOR Rob!!!

Sexy DiorRob is also up for a 2013 honor. Looking at the list, no one else compares to DiorRob. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!
 photo MQDiorRobertPattinson38.jpg

Vote For Your Favorite Celebrity and Beauty Partnership of 2013

Philadelphia Weekly says Robert Pattinson was robbed of an Oscar Best Actor nod for Cosmopolis + Best Of 2012 lists galore!

Philadelphia Weekly says Robert Pattinson was robbed of an Oscar Best Actor nod for Cosmopolis + Best Of 2012 lists galore!

PhotobucketRecently in Philadelphia Weekly, they made a list of Oscar odds-on favorites and a hypothetical list of this year's best (and "best") films.

They paid Rob a compliment by including him in their Best Actor category and making note of his skills with DeLillo's language in the Best Adaption category:
Best Actor 
Who should have won overall: As much as I want to say Denis Lavant, for his literally shape-shifting work in Holy Motors, no performance was as exciting as Tim Heidecker’s raging wealthy dickhead routine in The Comedy. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Robert Pattinson wuz robbed—for Cosmopolis, not Breaking Dawn 2.
Best Adapted Screenplay 
What should have won overall: David Cronenberg’s script for Cosmopolis makes great a so-so Don DeLillo novel, although its real power emerged when the actors came to speak their lines. Who knew Robert Pattinson was put on earth to deliver overly-stylized DeLillo dialogue?

The recognition Cosmopolis and Rob continues to get makes you proud. This is the most recent edition of an ongoing list I'm collecting on CosmopolisFilm. The lists have evened out so it's good to share now without missing some great ones. If you click the links, some of the critics have praised the film and more. I included excerpts of the ones that dished specific praise for Rob.

  • The Cinephiliacs/Peter Labuza: Number 1 film of 2012!
  • Cinemart: Number 1 Film of 2012! "Cosmopolis is as talky as a screwball comedy and as visually wild as only cinema can be. David Cronenberg’s timely dissection of the haves and pseudo masters of the universe features an assured performance from Robert Pattinson as a man who just wants to get a haircut and ends up on an increasingly distracted quest that takes in existential angst, free market economics, a spot of casual murder, romance, sex, a prostate examination and anti-capitalism protests. A truly special work that demands you pay attention all the way, this one will stick in your head for weeks."
  • City Connect: Number 1 Film of 2012! 
  • Art Forum/Amy Taubin: Number 1 film of 2012!
  • San Francisco Bay Guardian: Number 1 film of 2012!
  • Cahiers Du Cinema: 2nd out of 10
  • The Password is a Swordfish: 2nd out of 10
  • Huffington Post: 2nd out of 10
  • Out 1: 2nd out of 13
  • The Film Stage: 3rd out of 10 
  • Philadelphia Weekly: 3rd out of 10
  • Film Capsule: 3rd out of 10 
  • This is Culture: 4th out of 5
  • L Magazine: 4th out of 25
  • Film News (UK): 4th out of 10
  • Phil on Film: 6th out of 10 
  • Some Came Running: 6th out of 25
  • MSN Movies: 6th out of 10
  • Achilles & the Tortoise: 6th out of 10 
  • The Alamo Drafthouse Programmers: 7th out of 10 
  • Smells Life Screen Spirit: 7th out of 10
  • Movie Mezzanine: 7th out of 50
  • White City Cinema: 8th out of 10 "Robert Pattinson excelled as the despicable billionaire whose plight becomes both moving and tragic as the movie inexorably heads to its haunting final shot, an image more emblematic of our times than any other I saw this year."
  • Sight & Sound: 8th out of 10
  • The Bloodshot Eye: 8th out of 20
  • Movie City News: 9th out of 10
  • Arizona Newszap: 9th out of 10 
  • Movie Maker: 9th out of 12
  • Processed Grass: 9th out of 66 "Guess what? I'm not super familiar with Cronenberg's stuff either. I've seen his past couple of recent films, and a while ago I saw Dead Ringers which I really didn't like, but with Cosmopolis I have reason to dig a bit farther back in to his filmography. I did love the talky nature of both this and A Dangerous Method, as a lover of theatre I can admire what happens when a film simply gives its actors a dense script and asks me to take it all in, though what Cronenberg does with his camera, making this confined limo just look so diverse, is much more impressive. There's this tense dichotomy between this safe space and an outer world in turmoil, that makes the collision of the two, both physically and found in Pattinson's performance, all the more intense."
  • The Gerogie Show: 10th out of 10
  • Chicago Reader: 10th out of 10
  • Cinemablend: 10th out of 10
  • Yuppee Mag: 10th out of 10"Cosmopolis as you may have already gathered follows the story of one man, that man is Eric Packer, played by Robert Pattinson in what turns out to be the best performance of his young career by a considerable distance....The movie is buoyed by some fantastic performances; Pattinson has finally sunk his claws into a role whilst Paul Giamatti is fantastic as a former employee of Packers in an incredibly tense end scene."
  • Time Out New York: 10th out of 10
  • Compulsory Internet Presence: 10th out of 10 - "A grand, weird, bold effort even by Cronenberg’s standards, this film is an absolutely mesmerizing adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel.  I could speak here about how timely the film is with its unsparing critique of capitalist society.  Or how Robert Pattinson delivers an astonishingly assured performance that hopefully portends a career full of them."
  • In Review Online: 10th out of 20
  • Screen Crush: 12th out of 20 
  • Slant Magazine: 13th out of 25"From his rolling command center of a white limousine, the WiFi hot spot of the obscenely rich, billionaire Eric Packer (a revelatory Robert Pattinson) is at once linked up to the world and maddeningly removed from it, his personal, untried revolving door granting equal access to wisdom and delusion, personified by the limo's parade of guests. Evoking its director's past aesthetics and bodily interests with cool restraint, Cosmopolis is a wry, stylish nightmare of contemporary disconnect, and an audacious charting of all that crumbles when reality seeps in."
  • NY Film Society: 15th out of 20
  • Film Comment: 15th out of 50
  • The Village Voice: 16th 
  • Indiewire Critics Poll: 18th out of 50
  • Sound on Sight: 20th out of 40 
  • Criterion Corner: 24th out of 25
  • Total Film: 37th out of 50
  • Buzzine: 1 of the top 5 Indie movies"Reading much like a play, where characters stare off into space and seem to be speaking in riddles, Cosmopolis’ stark tones and direction fuse with a surprisingly confident performance from Twilight’s vampiric hunk Robert Pattinson to create yet another intriguing controversial masterpiece from the iconic Cronenberg."
  • The Password is Swordfish: 1 of 2 favorites for 2012"Cosmopolis is a dark, hilarious, yet intensely sobering reminder of the nature of things, and as a film lover, it creates a marriage between DeLillo, Cronenberg, and Pattinson that I would love to see continue."
  • Dread Central: Named Cosmopolis among the top 5 Best of 2012"David Cronenberg's misunderstood character study shows us how the 1% can be the most dangerous creatures of all. Robert Pattinson finally breaks away from those godawful Twilight movies, giving a powerhouse performance as a sociopathic Wall Street tycoon who is truly off his rocker. It's a claustrophic head journey through a class-warfare apocalypse and a step back in the right direction for one of this genre's greatest visionaries. "
  • Shoot the Critic: 1 of 6 in no order - "Robert Pattinson steps up to the challenge of playing the twisted, self-doubting, masochistic, and sexually insatiable protagonist. He has lots of sex, philosophizes on life, gets lectured on art and theory, faces death, kills, and gets half a hair-cut - among other activities, all shot in a typically artificial yet beautiful Cronenberg way."
  • CineTalk: 1 of 10 in no order"David Cronenberg adapts Don DeLillo’s pessimistic novel almost page for page and its tone and intellectual hyperbole is matched by Cronenberg’s cold and arresting visual palette. Robert Pattinson is outstanding in the lead role and Paul Giamatti, who only appears for a short while, delivers one of his most memorable performances."
  • Chicagoist: 1 of 10 in no order
  • TIFF: 1 of 10 best Canadian films of 2012
  • The London Film Review: Number 1 out of 10 most overlooked films of 2012!
  • Badass Digest: 3 out of 10 underrated movies of 2012
  • Cinemablend: 1 of the 12 most unfairly overlooked films of 2012
  • The Film Stage: On a list of overlooked films in 2012"This one’s been stewing in my brain for months, and none of the reflection has tainted this film one bit; if anything, it’s only grown more valuable over time. David Cronenberg’s limousine trip into the damaged perspective of a young, emotionally hollow fat cat — played to perfection by a not-as-advertised Robert Pattinson — can’t really be considered the most accessible work of 2012, but those willing to go with its strange rhythms and mysterious internal logic are bound to get… something. While I think it’s best people make the thing out for themselves by just letting it all sit, those simply hoping for a left-of-center cinematic experience ought to find themselves more than pleased. And that’s without even considering the incredible music of Howard Shore & Metric."
  • Moviefone: On a list of 10 best films you didn't see in 2012
  • TV without Pity: On a list of best films you may have missed"David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson may seem like an unlikely team, but they each benefitted from their partnership. Pattinson got some much-needed acting cred for his darkly funny performance as a Master of the Universe who embarks on a surrealistic journey through the streets of New York, while Cronenberg was able to use his star's box-office power to make this challenging movie his way -- Cosmopolis features some of the most stylish and inventive direction of his career. Considering how well this movie worked out, we wouldn't object to a Cronenberg and Pattinson reunion."
  • The Georgie Show: Most Underrated Film
  • Vancouver Critics Awards: Best Supporting Actress - Sarah Gadon
  • The Film Stage: One of the Best Ensembles of 2012
  • The Password is a Swordfish: 2nd on a list of Best Screenplays - David Cronenberg
  • Processed Grass: 4th out of 5 Top Actors - "[Pattinson] delivers a pitch perfect performance in the role of a detached financial wunderkind. There's a confidence and tragedy to Pattinson's work here, but it's toward the end, as the film's world spirals out of control, that allows Pattinson to show why he belongs on this list and keeps his name as one to continue to monitor moving forward."
  • The Password is a Swordfish: 5th on a list of Best Actors - Robert Pattinson
  • The Village Voice: 6th on a list of Best Directors of 2012 - David Cronenberg
  • The Password is a Swordfish: 7th on a list of Best Directors - David Cronenberg
  • Indiewire Critics Poll: 8th out of 50 Best Ensemble 
  • 24fps: David Cronenberg named Best Director and Pattinson, Best Actor
  • Indiewire Critics Poll: 20th out of 50 Best Director - David Cronenberg
If you live near London, Ontario, Cosmopolis will be shown on March 2nd at 10pm during the Domestic Arrivals Festival. Click HERE to buy tickets and get more info. 

We did extensive coverage on the fantastic Cosmopolis reviews throughout 2012. Revisit those post in the links below!

Robert Pattinson gives "a remarkable, powerhouse performance" in Cosmopolis! More year-end Best Of lists!

Robert Pattinson gives "a remarkable, powerhouse performance" in Cosmopolis! More year-end Best Of lists!


All these lists are pretty damn satisfying. They continue to flood in and they don't even count the fanboys Kat noted in the ROBsessed Awards HERE.
  • The London Film Review: Number 1 out of 10 overlooked films of 2012!
  • Huffington Post: Cosmopolis is 2 out of 10 on a writer's best films of 2012 list!
  • Film News (UK): 4th out of 10 best films of 2012
  • Dread Central: 1 of 5 Best of 2012 - Rob "giving a powerhouse performance..."
  • Badass Digest: 3 out of 10 most underrated movies of 2012
  • Film School Rejects: 3rd place out of 12 best movie soundtracks and scores of 2012
  • The Film Stage: Names Cosmopolis one of the Best Ensembles of 2012 - "Robert Pattinson proves his genuine acting chops..."
  • Buzzine: Cosmopolis 1 of 5 top Indie films of 2012 - "...surprisingly confident performance from Twilight’s vampiric hunk Robert Pattinson to create yet another intriguing controversial masterpiece from the iconic Cronenberg."
  • TV Without Pity: Cosmopolis among a list of best movies you may have missed. - "Considering how well this movie worked out, we wouldn't object to a Cronenberg and Pattinson reunion."
  • 24fps: Rob honored for best actor as well as a best director nod for Cronenberg- "It's the slow cracking of that mask that is so remarkable in Pattinson's performance...he's a revelation."
  • Online Film Critics Society: Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay
  • MSN Movies: Cosmopolis ranked 6 out of 10 best of 2012 
  • Chicago Reader: Cosmopolis ranked 10 out of 10 best of 2012
Click HERE to check out more of Rob's year-end lists!

Rob was also featured in this movie montage as well as his other films, Bel Ami and Breaking Dawn Part 2!

Rounding out some just-for-fun, kind of poll wins, Rob won Hollywood Crush's poll for:

  • Best On Screen Couple - Edward & Bella: No surprise here! In the final year of "The Twilight Saga"'s big-screen run, its leading lovers, the newlywed Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, dominated in this category.
  • Best Sex Scene - Bel Ami: Not even the "Twilight" fandom could outvote the National Society for the Appreciation of Robert Pattinson's Nude Upperbutt! Despite a nomination for his vampire bang-a-lang in "Breaking Dawn," his skin-tastic turn as a slutty social climber in "Bel Ami" edged out the top spot.

We have our own poll for these two categories coming up in a few hours so keep a look out!

Robert Pattinson named the most popular actor of 2012, a hottie and VOTE FOR ROB in eonline semi-final!

Robert Pattinson named the most popular actor of 2012, a hottie and VOTE FOR ROB in eonline semi-final!Photobucket
(Photo used by Just Jared for their year-end list)

Robert Pattinson was named 1 of 12 Hotties Who Rocked 2012 by AND Most Popular Actor on Just Jared! He beat out some heavy hitters too. Pitt, Tatum, Gosling, Somerhalskfkdfj. Speaking of Somerhalksfoie....

Rob is squaring off against Kristen in the semi-finals but to be honest, ever since that weird turn around with Robert Downey Jr. and Rob in the Leading Man race, I think eonline is pushing for a Rob vs. Ian rematch. Why is Ian over there on the other side of the poll? Rob beat Ian. But it was an intense battle that got eonline plenty of attention. Can you imagine if it goes to Rob vs. Ian and Ian won Celeb of the Year? How would this poll be legit?? How could it be justified??

WELP. Whatever. Fight the power. Damn The Man. VOTE FOR ROB!!!!

Click HERE to vote!
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