Robert Pattinson gives "a remarkable, powerhouse performance" in Cosmopolis! More year-end Best Of lists!

Robert Pattinson gives "a remarkable, powerhouse performance" in Cosmopolis! More year-end Best Of lists!


All these lists are pretty damn satisfying. They continue to flood in and they don't even count the fanboys Kat noted in the ROBsessed Awards HERE.
  • The London Film Review: Number 1 out of 10 overlooked films of 2012!
  • Huffington Post: Cosmopolis is 2 out of 10 on a writer's best films of 2012 list!
  • Film News (UK): 4th out of 10 best films of 2012
  • Dread Central: 1 of 5 Best of 2012 - Rob "giving a powerhouse performance..."
  • Badass Digest: 3 out of 10 most underrated movies of 2012
  • Film School Rejects: 3rd place out of 12 best movie soundtracks and scores of 2012
  • The Film Stage: Names Cosmopolis one of the Best Ensembles of 2012 - "Robert Pattinson proves his genuine acting chops..."
  • Buzzine: Cosmopolis 1 of 5 top Indie films of 2012 - "...surprisingly confident performance from Twilight’s vampiric hunk Robert Pattinson to create yet another intriguing controversial masterpiece from the iconic Cronenberg."
  • TV Without Pity: Cosmopolis among a list of best movies you may have missed. - "Considering how well this movie worked out, we wouldn't object to a Cronenberg and Pattinson reunion."
  • 24fps: Rob honored for best actor as well as a best director nod for Cronenberg- "It's the slow cracking of that mask that is so remarkable in Pattinson's performance...he's a revelation."
  • Online Film Critics Society: Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay
  • MSN Movies: Cosmopolis ranked 6 out of 10 best of 2012 
  • Chicago Reader: Cosmopolis ranked 10 out of 10 best of 2012
Click HERE to check out more of Rob's year-end lists!

Rob was also featured in this movie montage as well as his other films, Bel Ami and Breaking Dawn Part 2!

Rounding out some just-for-fun, kind of poll wins, Rob won Hollywood Crush's poll for:

  • Best On Screen Couple - Edward & Bella: No surprise here! In the final year of "The Twilight Saga"'s big-screen run, its leading lovers, the newlywed Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, dominated in this category.
  • Best Sex Scene - Bel Ami: Not even the "Twilight" fandom could outvote the National Society for the Appreciation of Robert Pattinson's Nude Upperbutt! Despite a nomination for his vampire bang-a-lang in "Breaking Dawn," his skin-tastic turn as a slutty social climber in "Bel Ami" edged out the top spot.

We have our own poll for these two categories coming up in a few hours so keep a look out!


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