RobHoliday Season Caption Contest: Wallbanger Edition Part 4! Caption Robert Pattinson in New York to win a prize!

RobHoliday Season Caption Contest: Wallbanger Edition Part 4! Caption Robert Pattinson in New York to win a prize!  

The weather outside is frightful...
But the fire in ROBsessed is delightful...
And since there's no place to go...

*giggle* We make it all about him, don't we? It's a busy Friday on the blog with RobHoliday festivities all over the place but right now it's time for you to.....



Caption Contest Guidelines: 
  • To enter, write a caption for the picture in the comment section. 
  • Your fellow ROBsessors will vote by clicking the little "vote up" arrow beneath your comment. 
  • Do not click the "vote up" arrow twice because it deletes your vote when you do. You'll see the voted number light up blue when your vote is counted.
  • The caption with the most votes wins. 
  • Try to keep your caption to 1-3 sentences. ;) 
  • The contest is open worldwide & you have until 9pm (PST) Sunday, Dec. 23rd, to enter.
  • Next contest will be Friday, Dec. 28th.
  • Winner: You'll win the eBook version of the newly released (Nov. 25, 2012) Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
  • Runner up: You'll win the eBook versions of the 2010 series, The Unidentified Redhead and The Redhead Revealed, by Alice Clayton
Alice doesn't shy away from her fanfic roots and the publisher shared a wonderful quote from Alice about her experience with the Twilight series and its influence on her writing:
Reading Twilight, and in turn reading fan fiction, made me rediscover what it was that I loved about reading. I had been an avid reader when I was growing up, and somewhere I lost my passion for it. I was still reading, but it was a lot of non fiction, science, economic, very dry stuff that I thought looked impressive while reading on a plane. But it was Twilight that turned me back on to STORY. To invest me so thoroughly in characters again, to make me wonder, what might happen next? Or what might have happened if so and so didn't do this and that. And fan fiction gave me that extension, this wonderful way to see what else was possible for these characters.
Click HEREHERE and HERE if you'd like more info on Alice and Wallbanger

If you'd like to purchase Wallbanger or the Redhead series now, check out the links below for the Kindle version and paperback:

  • ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge with some FANTASTIC Prizes. Voting starts Dec. 21st!
  • 12 Days of ROBmas - Starts 12 days before Christmas 
  • The Cosmopolis Quest - Starts Dec. 21st with 3 exciting prize packs being given away for the US release of Cosmopolis!
  • ROBsessed Awards - Voting starts after Christmas and awards announced Dec. 31st!
  • 365 Days of ROB - 2013 list revealed Dec. 31st! Day 1 starts Jan. 1st!
  • More caption contests into the new year with more prizes!


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