RobHoliday Season Caption Contest: Wallbanger Edition Part 3! Caption Robert Pattinson in Los Angeles to win a prize!

RobHoliday Season Caption Contest: Wallbanger Edition Part 3! Caption Robert Pattinson in Los Angeles to win a prize! 

HO HO HO! Merry ROBmas! 

It's Part 3 of the RobHoliday Caption Contest! We have another cool little-known-fact about Rob and this time, the Redhead series the runners-up are winning. We'll tell you down below because first you have to....



Caption Contest Guidelines: 
  • To enter, write a caption for the picture in the comment section. 
  • Your fellow ROBsessors will vote by clicking the little "vote up" arrow beneath your comment. 
  • Do not click the "vote up" arrow twice because it deletes your vote when you do. You'll see the voted number light up blue when your vote is counted.
  • The caption with the most votes wins. 
  • Try to keep your caption to 1-3 sentences. ;) 
  • The contest is open worldwide & you have until 9pm (PST) Monday, Dec. 17th, to enter.
  • Next contest will be Friday, Dec. 21st.
  • Winner: You'll win the eBook version of the newly released (Nov. 25, 2012) Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
  • Runner up: You'll win the eBook versions of the 2010 series, The Unidentified Redhead and The Redhead Revealed, by Alice Clayton

Click HERE and HERE if you'd like more info on Alice and Wallbanger

The publisher shared some more info with us about Alice's Redhead series and her inspiration for a certain character. If you wished Rob became more than a cat named Clive in published work then you'll love this excerpt from the author, Alice Clayton :)
So we've been beating around the bush for two weeks now, and I think its time for me to officially and without question declare my love for everyone's favorite Brit. I love me some Rob. I love me some Rob with a love that is unholy and bordering on frightening. I would break that guy. But while he is most certainly handsome, and most certainly smack-you-in-the-head swoonworthy, what I adore most about Rob is his wit. His Brit wit. The guy is FUNNY. Someone please explain to me why he has not hosted SNL because he would kill it!! Was he the inspiration for Jack in my Redhead Series? Oh hell yes. And next week, everyone here is gonna get a sneak peek at Book 3 from The RedheadSeries, stay tuned! But for today, let us simply revel in the otherworldy beauty that is The Robert and The Pattinson. I would commit more than a few crimes to be able to have him over for tea. Ahem...
Sounds like one of you guys in the DR is Alice! I second that motion that Rob should host SNL or star in another comedy, STAT! Did that increase your interest in the runner-up prize or what?? :)

If you'd like to purchase Wallbanger or the Redhead series now, check out the links below for the Kindle version and paperback:


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