365 Days of Robert Pattinson! Take the challenge and celebrate Rob every day for 2013!

365 Days of Robert Pattinson! Take the challenge and celebrate Rob every day for 2013!



 Rob's 2013 is looking amazing! With at least 5 films scheduled and a mysterious commercial/shoot for possibly, maybe, seems-to-be Dior, Rob will give us plenty to celebrate. That doesn't even include the surprise events he's cooking up!

Here on ROBsessed, we're introducing 365 Days of Rob - celebrating specific and unique Rob events/pics/gifs/videos/etc every day! Want to take the challenge? Think you can handle every day of ROBsession?? (yes, we pretty much do that already *wink*)

Here are the guidelines:
  • We're going to share our selections daily but that doesn't mean you can't share yours. Post your 365DoR on your own blogs, tumblrs, twitter accounts etc. Use the tag #365DoR so it's easy for people to search.
  • Additionally, you can share your selections for 365DoR in the comments and we'll do our best to moderate the links quickly so the DR can see. :)
  • We'll repost each month at the start of the month. There might be edits so check for updates each month. If Rob decides to run naked in the streets in 2013, we're going to need to dedicate a day for that. Possibly the whole month.
  • We'll have the current month image and link to this post on the side bar through the year in case you need to refer back to this post.
  • You can assume that each day is asking for one of your favorites. Picking the ultimate fave can be very hard. Some days require it though. ;)
  • If Rob explodes on the blog, you guys can keep posting but we'll likely do a roundup of 365DoR that we missed while Rob was making sure we're ON IT. ;)
  • You can follow 365DoR under the blog tag "365 days of Rob".
Sound good? Sound fun?? OF COURSE! Now for the list!

Click the image to view the month!

Special Thanks:
The awesome Fanni supplied the gorgeous Rob calendar edits for us to fill with the 365DoR. Click HERE if you'd like her 2013 calendar without the dates filled in. Thank you so much! xx
A few lovely ladies dropped us a line to help with the brainstorming. Thank you guys! You should see your suggestions popping up through the year :)
Holly | Cathy | АЛЕНА | robcrazy68 | Ann | Lisbeth | GeauxTwi | Bewitched By Rob | Paula


Lizzie said...

Awesome idea!!! We would love to take the challenge...is it really okay to post our choices on our own blogs, even if it´s a Rob-blog,too??? Of course with crediting you and the requiered tag.

Lizzie said...
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