Another Best Of List For Robert Pattinson AND Rob Needs Your Votes

UPDATE: Rob is through to Round 4 on Eonline's Celeb of the year link has been updated below GO VOTE FOR ROB
 A bit of a fun one this time, Rob has topped HollywoodCrushes 2012 Hump Day Hotties List

1. Robert Pattinson
Listen, there really isn’t anybody else who deserves to be 2012’s ultimate Hump Day Hottie. As we bid "The Twilight Saga" a fond farewell, and look forward to anything and everything that Robert has up next, we know that he’s worked hard to get here. Let’s help him relish the moment.

Here's a little reminder why he's no1 on that list ;-)

And when you recover from looking at that head over to Eonline HERE and VOTE FOR ROB in Round 3 of their Celeb Of The Year.
It's REALLY tight at the moment so every vote counts!!
UPDATE: Rob is through to Round 4! Go vote for him HERE. Let's DO THIS! 

And last but not least a cute mention from Eddie Redmayne. He says how he admires Rob (around the 2:00 min mark)

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