Robert Pattinson is closing out the year BIG on Robsugar

You remember what we told you about Popsugar and Robert Pattinson? Well here's some more updates from Robsugar!

Robsugar didn't just give Rob one mention in this first list of 10. He got two! It makes perfect sense because the kisses Rob dished out in Eclipse and Remember Me had me howling at the moon like an animal. The kisses were HAWT and I needed to wear a bib to collect the uncontrollable drool.

Best Movie Kisses of 2010

"Bella & Edward, Eclipse Bella and Edward get particularly grope-y, as she tries to convince him to sleep with her. We definitely didn't see this much action in the first two Twilight films!" (Tink: I included my own photo of the Eclipse kiss that makes me rattle the cages. Seriously. This kiss does me in. The way he bend and dips and pushes and unravels into it. Gah Gah Gah.)


"Ally & Tyler, Remember Me Tyler gives Ally a morning-after kiss to remember him by (get it?)." (Tink: *pant pant pant* I can't even share my thoughts about how they shot this morning after kiss...his um...nevermind. I don't think the blog is rated NC-17).


Ok....I'd like to say we're moving on to some cooler territory but everything about Rob is hot and Robsugar is sticking with the kissing theme.

#6 out of 50 Hottest Celebrity Make-Out Pictures of 2010, Rob and Kristen set South America ablaze with their locked lips in Lapa. Those shots from Breaking Dawn filming make me think Robsugar will be repeating their praises of Rob and his lucious lips for 2011.


Another Rob mention from Robsugar is for Favorite Celebrity PDA.

Back in Land of the Lips, Lapa, "Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's onset smooches for Breaking Dawn were your pick for favourite celebrity PDA with a massive 85 per cent."


Our last look at Robsugar is a video of Popsugar Editors' Fave Celeb Encounters of 2010. Naturally, Rob is among the list. The editor who loved her Rob encounter found she had a good spot to see him when she crouched down at the Remember Me premiere. She says she was checking out his shoes and his carefully buttoned shirt..........uh huh. We know what's up, Robsugar!

Source: Robsugar
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