Chris Weitz understands and compares Robert Pattinson to chocolate

It's been a few days because we were actually blogging about this guy, Robert Pattinson. He has a movie coming out, Water for Elephants, so Mr. Weitz was put on the back burner. :P

Here are the Robert Pattinson mentions from Chris Weitz over the past several days:
xAdele95 @chrisweitz What's your favourite line in New moon??? :P x

CW: I love when Edward says, "I'm getting to old for this S---".


PCGhaha @chrisweitz when Bella first starts "seeing" Edward in NM was rob Rly standing in front of then when they stopped the motorcycle very quickly

CW: R u kidding? I ain't gonna risk "Franchise" like that!

CamiFaith @chrisweitz Which scene took longer/was harder, underwater bella and edward, or Edward/Volturi fight scene?

CW: Underwater Bella was tough. Fight scene I had loads of 2nd unit help

Tink: This question got lost but they asked about what Mr. Weitz thought of "mourn Rob"

CW: I think you mean sad? Well, one day I told him there was no Easter bunny. He loves them Easter egg hunts.

Tink: Here's the question again...but slightly different and still odd...
SaamGonzalez @chrisweitz Hi Chris thanks for the previous tweet. Have you ever seen mourn Rob (not acting)? Why?

CW: Nope, he seems like a happy sort of individual.

Tink: Such a beautiful laugh... *sigh*


jittzpattzing @chrisweitz rob's talked recently ab quitting acting if he's not doing roles he would like to see, understandably. Do you see him as a long term actor? Do you see him continually growing in the craft? Do you automatically get a sense of which actors you work with will turn on as 'greats'? Do you think someone can learn to be a great or is it innate?

CW: Well. He has every right to do what he likes. He has a lot of innate talent. There is however a strange compulsion for people to want to see stars get "bigger" and "bigger", which generally means more famous not necessarily more happy. I would rather be happy than famous. And I think any sane person would agree. Can I see "greatness" in a young actor? Sometimes. Jose Julian from A Better Life could be great. Takes tremendous effort and commitment.

DisneyTwiHechos @chrisweitz whics couple you prefer? rob and kris or tay and kris? PLEASE, JOKES NOT! hahaha :)

CW: No joke? It's none of my business!

Francesca_LG @chrisweitz Hi from Rome! my fav scene from the book is the conversation between E/B before the vote scene, why it isn't in the movie?

CW: Because I wanted to make people angry. No, because it is a lot of TALK TALK which is not always good for movie pacing.

EllenHomeniuk @chrisweitz What were your first thoughts when you met Rob for the first time! :) :)

CW: I could take 'im
Tink: Chris' got jokes.


eco2369: @chrisweitz hopefully u can answer this for me?! Why the change of cars for Ed in NM?

CW: Marketing money from Volvo :(

Teresa_Amo @chrisweitz please answer this! Why is Edward volvo in new moon black and not silver like in twilight and the book? Thank you:)

CW: Oh this one is definitely making the FAQ file. Volvo gave marketing money to the film. At least it wasn't poop brown, which is what they wanted. I could go on about how it's dark tone foreshadowed the breakup and gloom, but I'd by fibbing

Tink: Ewww! Poop brown?! I'm grateful for the black in that case.


JessaFifty @chrisweitz the first thing that comes to your mind when they mention ROBERT Pattinson..

CW: Chocolate

Naome @chrisweitz Chocolate...please explain. You just linked some sexy meat to a sexy food and we want to know why... I'm thinking things. X

CW: Nah, I just like chocolate

Tink: Not ok...but honestly, I'd eat it up if they actually got his mug right. This is awful.


Mama_Cougar: Coincidence, or planned that Rob has a line in Water For Elephants that includes "A Better Life"? :-)

CW: Had to pay him $1 mil

EllenHomeniuk Please please answer ! =D @chrisweitz What were your first thoughts when you met Rob for the first time! :) :) :)

CW: Here's the thing. I'm thinking about working with the guy. So I'm basically just looking for the crazy, and relieved when it's not there.

caitlin71Ann @chrisweitz LET'S PLAY SCREW, MARRY,KILL..KatherineHardwicke,Kstew and Robert pattinson!!! Who would you screw marry or kill? AND GO!!

CW: Let's not. let's not fantasize about killing someone.

Karolinamedk @chrisweitz Why did Robert Pattisnon (edward) have black dots on his body when you were filming the volterra scene?

CW: These are locator dots to map the cgi sparkle effect onto his face; had to be digitally "painted out" later


koulle hi @chrisweitz i just wanna ask,why there isn´t vision of Edward in the scene of Bella&Jake sitting in the car-the worst moment in the book!

CW: Because it just made Edward seem like a stalker. Like "it's ok, kiss her, don't mind me, I'm just here being awesome".


CarolSPimentel @chrisweitz Tell me what animals Tayor, Kristen and Robert remind you. hahahah

CW: Generically speaking, chimpanzees more than anything else.

zoemarchment @chrisweitz are rob and kristen actually together in real life or are you not alllowed to say because it will damage the films profits?

CW: There's no financial conspiracy, I just think what R and K each do with their private lives is their own business.
aryam578 @chrisweitz, Chris, did you get to keep Edward and Jacob's life size cardboards?

CW: They are my best friends

LynneE08: @chrisweitz If you could duet with Rob in a karaoke bar, what would you sing?

CW: "Love Will Keep Us Together", Captain&Tenille

DustyMoats @chrisweitz have you ever thought to have Hugh Grant's and Rob Pattinson's hair star in their own movie?

CW: I have actually suggested it to them. they didn't think it was funny.
Tink: I loved Hugh Grant back in the day. Not Rob-levels. Never Rob-levels. But Hugh's youth, he also had sexhair awesomeness. But not Rob-levels. Never Rob-levels...


Barbara_Muffin @chrisweitz Hi!! I have a question for you P-L-E-A-S-E Aswer me! Who's more Sexyy Robert Or Edward?? Thankkkss Answe please!

How to address this. Robert because he is a living human being existing in reality?
Tink: UNF!


JadaPattinson PLEASE ANSWER THIS @chrisweitz !!! :-) RT @tinkrbe1l3: @chrisweitz this was deleted but we never saw on DVD. Can u share details?Where's Bella?Did Billy yell at Edward?

CW: The scene exists, it's one small shot, there was no dialogue.

Elle_Wilson: @chrisweitz I really wanted to see that scene dialogue or not

CW: so sue me

papaya57: @chrisweitz~Hello, could you address why Robert and Kristin won't come out of the closet? : ]]]

CW: are they gay???

twilightmom1901: why didn't u film E staying in Bella's room after the party & him thinking about leaving??

CW: I don't know and am ashamed

Tink: Truly, C-dub tweets are 90% comedy but here are a few non-Rob funnies:
tinkrbe1l3 @chrisweitz for kissing scenes, is it awkward? Do you literally have to tell actors, "turn your head to the left 45 degrees and moan."

CW: No, but I do tell my wife that
Kinglautner @chrisweitz do you prefer my old username @omglautner or my current one @kinglautner?

CW: Surely LautnerisDeity would be better! ;)
Tink: Hahaha...this cracked me up. But please. RobisDeity is the only way to go in this life.


TeamJaspward @chrisweitz have u ever put on a pair of jeans then realized they are full of red ants? It just happened n it hurts!!!!!

CW: Only every Monday, on purpose! It starts the week off with a bang.

Lizza2828: @chrisweitz Can i ask a stuff? If you`re a fruit.What kind of fruit are u?

CW: passion fruit

elisevictoria18: Please answer my question. Okay..what was the funniest memory on the set of NM. :)

CW: I try to discourage humor on my sets
Tink: What was Mr. Weitz's tweet after finally getting verified by Twitter?
CW: My next movie: "Verified -- the Chris Weitz story. A heartwarming tale of doubt, adversity and triumph". On Lifetime next month.

Tink: Our own Kate had her question answered...after a misunderstanding and many attempts...
stuff4ang @EmeraldKate Thank you! HobNobs are yummy with tea! I wish @chrisweitz would answer your question. That idea of FF Edward was brilliant!

CW: Happy to answer, what does FF stand for in this case?

TheDanaB09 @chrisweitz FF=Fan Fiction There's a site dedicated to it. - look for Twi stories. Be warned though, it's quite racy stuff.

CW: Ohhhhhhhh. Well, wasn't my idea for the DVD. Not sure I can handle the racy stuff.

EmeraldKate:I was asking about the FAST FORWARD Edward & Jacob in the Extras on the NM DVD.Were they your idea?(not Fanfiction) LOL

CW: eh no
Tink: *snort* all that and "eh no" LOL It was funny to watch go down. We leave this session on a sweet note. :)
jen_pennybug @chrisweitz did anything surprise you about working on a Twilight film?

CW: The sheer devotion and enthusiasm of the fans, and in general how positive and supportive they are.

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