Stephenie Meyer talks Robert Pattinson, Breaking Dawn, and Midnight Sun to USA Today


I'm picking this picture because this is how I feel anytime I read about Midnight Sun and it's indefinite completion.

Speaking with USA Today, Stephenie Meyer discussed Robert Pattinson, Edward & Bella, and the Cullens:

•On the illustrated guide: "My favorite part is the vampire histories. There's a lot there that's new. Alice's (Cullen) back story is one no one has known until now. And I think fans will be surprised at how much fun (Cullen nemesis) Victoria's story is." (Tink: I'm intrigued by this. How can you not be when you're a fanfic addict?)

•On whether she'll ever write more books about Edward and Bella: "The story's already been told, and I doubt I'll ever write another series based on the same characters." (Tink: Ha! Their story is never over. Haw can it be when you're a fanfic addict?)

•On the possibility she'd ever finish Midnight Sun, a Twilight novel told from Edward's viewpoint that she nixed when parts of it were leaked online in 2008: "I'm hoping to do it someday because I know that's what people want. No matter what book I put out from here to eternity they'll want Midnight Sun, but I'm just not writing about vampires right now." (Tink: This causes me much angst. More angst than I should have over a fictional character. How can you not have angst over Meyer's take, the original take, on Edward when you're a fanfic addict?)

•The much-anticipated wedding of Edward and Bella has not been filmed yet, but Stewart is being fitted for the as-yet-unrevealed bridal gown. "It's such an interesting mix," says Meyer. "It has a vintage feel, but at the same time, there's an edge to it. It's really beautiful. And then on Kristen — oh, she looks amazing in clothes —and in that dress she's so lithe and unbelievable." (Tink: the dress better be good. I can't wait to see Edward's face when he sees Bella in the dress. I wanna swoon. How can you not wanna swoon when you're a fanfic addict?)

•On working with Pattinson and Lautner: "Rob is more like Jacob than Edward. He's goofy, he's funny, he doesn't take much seriously. But he can turn Edward on like that (she snaps her fingers) when he needs to be Edward. Taylor's who we hang out with most. He's a lot like fun, happy Jacob." (Tink: Rob is love.)

•On the filming of the birth of Bella and Edward's baby, Renesmee, which in the novel is frightening and horrific, she says, "I've only seen a rough cut and there are pieces missing, but I don't feel like it's graphic. You're not seeing it, but you know what's happened. It's emotional. It doesn't feel horror-ish. There's blood, probably the most blood we've ever seen in the series. But everything's in flux; we'll see in the final cut." (Tink: this is weird. Rob says its a horror movie. Stephenie says no. I'm down with whatever. How can you not be when you're a fanfic addict?)

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