Gossip Cop clears up rumors of Robert Pattinson appearances for Cosmopolis - Rob rep speaks

Gossip Cop clears up rumors of Robert Pattinson appearances for Cosmopolis - Rob rep speaks


Gossip Cop spoke to a rep from Rob's camp. THANK GOD! There are no cancellations:
Pattinson “just cancelled an upcoming U.S. press appearance to promote his film Cosmopolis,” reports ETOnline. According to the site, the movie star has backed out of the commitment because he “isn’t quite ready to face the media in the wake of girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s cheating scandal.” Interestingly, ETOnline makes no mention of which appearance Pattinson supposedly backed out of or when it was supposed to take place.

But Gossip Cop has learned the claim is a complete FABRICATION.

A rep for the actor tells Gossip Cop, Cosmopolis is a film that Robert is very proud of and looks forward to supporting.

“No confirmed engagements have been canceled,” says the rep, adding, “Any reports to the contrary are inaccurate.”
This has Nick written all over it, non? Man...my mood swings are giving me whiplash. I've crossed out the previous report from ETonline but BAT4Rob still stands.

According to ETonline & Jarett (senior editor of ET), Rob has cancelled a press appearance for Cosmopolis:
Robert Pattinson pulled out of the Cosmopolis junket on Aug. 11, studio confirms
No mention of the premiere in NYC on Aug. 13th though Rob's appearance has not been mentioned. Also, no mention of a cancellation for the Times Talk event on Aug. 15th. We'll keep you posted.

I'm pretty shattered for him about this since we know how proud of Cosmopolis Rob is. I'm 110% understanding and supportive of his silence and his seculsion. It makes complete sense considering his circumstances. I want him to take as long as he needs to cope with this awful private mess made public.

If you want to support Rob, the BEST way is to go out, and see Cosmopolis

Be assertive. Find those listings in your city, the next city. Hell, make a vacay out of it and go with some girlfriends to a neighboring state. Just go.

Buy those tickets even if you can't go. BAT for Rob, remember?? 
Buy A Ticket for Rob even if the theater isn't near you.

We love and support Rob and can't wait to see Cosmopolis.

Keep a look out on the blog. We'll be posting info about the film (reviews, theater info, news) regularly. Also check the Cosmopolis tag on the blog HERE to keep up to date.


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