What's better than Robert Pattinson scans? How about non-scans?

As if it wasn't enough of a treat to wake up this morning with Robert Pattinson (Oh, how I wish I could end the sentence there) in the Black Book magazine scans... now we have them in all their uninterrupted, non-scan glory.

Even the interviewer was struck by the beauty...

Yeah, I wrote September's cover story on Robert Pattinson but it seems from the internet, people only really want to look at him. I can't blame them. He's one handsome dude. Here are the images, taken by the astonishingly talented Autumn De Wilde in the totally wild Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, CA. (Joshua David Stein)

Can't blame him really.

Why so gorgeous Rob?


And then the eyes.... coupled with the smirk. Dangerous.


There's just too much unf-umpf in this photo shoot. But I'm okay with that... you?

Source: Black Book


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