NEW PICS: Robert Pattinson leaving Jay Z and Justin Timberlake concert with Sia (July 28)

NEW PICS: Robert Pattinson leaving Jay Z and Justin Timberlake concert with Sia (July 28)

The beltporn is strong with this one.

UPDATE2: 11 more pics under the cut!
UPDATE: You know CJ (The Fashion Court) had us covered on the cap! Click HERE to buy a Supreme cap like the one Rob is wearing! So Above, looks like Rob's caps are describing himself. What should he wear next? I vote "Sex on legs" or just "Sex" works. "Pure sex"? LOL

 photo RobertPattinsonJayZ3.jpg
 photo RobertPattinsonJayZJT3.jpg
 photo RobertPattinsonJayZJT5.jpg
 photo RobertPattinsonJayZJT6.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZJT1.jpg    photo RobertPattinsonJayZJT2.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZ4-1.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZ2-1.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZ1.jpg
 photo RobertPattinsonJayZJT7.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZJT4.jpg

Heavy on the tags but we'll update with better ones when available. :) Also, when's the last time we've seen CasualRob tucked in??? This is an anomaly! Upon further inspection, it looks like the shirt is just short. We need untags asap. Rob's entire mid-region clothing party has me captivated. Updated the music club with the new concert. :)

MORE pics under the cut!
 photo RobertPattinsonJayZJTconcert01.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZJTconcert02.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZJTconcert03.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZJTconcert04.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZJTconcert05.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZJTconcert06.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZJTconcert07.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZJTconcert08.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZJTconcert09.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZJTconcert10.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonJayZJTconcert11.jpg

Via: ThoseBritBoys


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