TWEETS: Robert Pattinson is a giver, a sweetie, a sports analyst and a vocal god

TWEETS: Robert Pattinson is a giver, a sweetie, a sports analyst and a vocal god

UPDATE2: His beauty is quite stunning...
UPDATE: Another DiorRob journalist (Glamour Italia) had some fun tweets to tease. This interviews will start popping up in September issues:

While we patiently (not so patiently?) await the interviews for DiorRob, the lucky journalists that got to sit down one on one with THE MAN have been teasing details. Here are the latest:
I love when Rob gets sporty. Arsenal is his favorite football club and it reminded me of this old pic of Rob looking fanboyish with Theo Walcott. Here's the other tease, well...not so much a tease but more of a tweet that makes you say, "Amen sista!"

GAH. Hows about we get an audio of the Marie Claire Italia interview too?? Ms. Attanasio must be in heaven listening to her playback. *SIGH* Makes me want to go listen to some Rob commentary...

*melts* There was a cool giveaway we did last year that featured a sampling of audio clips from a Rob interview. I loved hearing the interview over reading surprise there. Click HERE to listen to the heavenly angel Rob again.

Lastly, this isn't a tease for DiorRob interviews but was another fun tweet about Rob. @coketweet hinted the other night that Rob gave her his ecig at the Beyonce concert. She later gave a little more info on her blog. From The Coquette:

 photo Robsecig.jpg
Yeah, Robert Pattinson really did give me his electronic cigarette at the Beyonce concert tonight. When I asked him for a lighter, he thought I was fucking with him. Honestly though, I assumed it was a one hitter until he showed me how to use the damn thing. Bizarre little moment, and of course, he’s a total sweetie.
The ecig with Rob's DNA-carrying-dried-saliva (that was kinda gross to type but whatev...ROBsessed FTMFW) is currently being shipped to the number 1 cloning facility in the world. We should expect the first batch of Robs to be completed by mid-2014 and available for shipment by Christmas. The Rob is going to be expensive so start saving, laaaaadieeeees.

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