365 Days of Robert Pattinson: July 26 ~ Tongueporn

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: July 26 ~ Tongueporn

Ahhhhh it's one of those days....
 photo robporn.gif

What kind of porn?
 photo crazytongue.gif

 photo tonguefold.gif

Naw Rob. You can do better than that....
 photo TONGUE.gif
 photo StareLicksLips.gif photo GIFlicksicecream.gif photo liplicks.gif

I'm loading us up since it's a porn day! Load us up some more in the comments and let's see what we settled on for some of Rob's best tongue appearances. Do I need to put a warning on this post? You had to know by the title it was necessary to take precautions. ;)

"Tongueporn for the win!"
 photo RobertPattinsonKatsBirthdayPics33.jpg

"Had to go with an ‘original’.. no wonder her grin is five miles wide!"

 photo Tongue.jpg

"my goodness. the man uses his tongue a lot. so many options for today. some might say he has a chronic chapstick problem…i say he’s just out to kill us."
 photo lickslips.gif
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Click for HQ!

 photo July-1.jpg


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