365 Days of Robert Pattinson! July calendar with updates

365 Days of Robert Pattinson! July calendar with updates


Our Twilight Part 1 themed month was a hit and joined Rob's other film themed months, Bel Ami (February), Water for Elephants (April) and Cosmopolis (May). We'll pick up Twilight Part 2 in November but for now we took a look at some great BTS moments from Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. Since June was the month Eclipse held its world premiere, we also selected some of our fave RedCarpetRobs from the premiere. Kristen and Taylor were Rob's costars for the month and we didn't let Rob's famous character, Edward, escape the month without celebrating his birthday.

It was a hairy month of Rob too. On the sexy side of things, we selected our favorite haircut, yummy chest hair/collarbone, Rob's hot blonde scruff and even obsessed a little over his nubbin! And to ground it all, we showed Rob's feet some love. A sweet day was when we celebrated father's day in the states with Rob quotes about Papa Pattinson and a funny day was when we examined moments Rob was captured dancing. He can be so adorkable in one moment and then drop-dead gorgeous in the next, even before-Twilight.

Click HERE if you want to scroll back through some more June goodies but now it's time to move on to July! There's no particular theme but we do look at Little Ashes a couple of times, have fun with CCRob and hit up some older photoshoots. Happy July!

Click HERE if you'd like to see all the months! The current month is always available on the side bar along with a link to the entire year.

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