Robert Pattinson is the look of love and we're the look of WANT

Robert Pattinson is the look of love and we're the look of WANT

HOLY MOLY! Strap yourselves in extra tight, ladies, because you're about to get mighty hot and bothered.

 photo feelinghot.gif

Bru cooked up something pretty special. Her latest video has an elegant theme and showcases DiorRob! GAH. The video sizzles and the song smolders. Rob is the BEST muse. Here's what Bru said about the video:
Hi everyone. Here I am with a new video, this time the themes is about his elegance and of course all the recent news about how he's the new icon of Dior fragrance... A new Icon... All Rob's fans knew already he is a icon since long time, so I thought to make a recap of some of red carpets he walked so far plus other stuff concerning his sex appeal. Can I say 'GAH!!' He's really hot and I love how he moves his eyes like a killer lol He kills my neurons when he looks at the camera with those intense eyes. *sigh* I love this song and I suddenly thought it fitted well with the themes. I used a new coloring (I think this coloring is awesome because it shows up all the shades of his hair) and other video effect I never used before, tell me if you like them, ok? Tell me if you'd changed something so I will do better next time. Enjoy it and spread the RobLove :-)
As I said in the beginning, strap up! This is your warning. Put on those seat belts, harnesses, whatever you need to stay upright....or not. ;)


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