Robert Pattinson still playing "Where's Waldo" on the 'Maps To The Stars' set

Robert Pattinson still playing "Where's Waldo" on the 'Maps To The Stars' set

On the heels of the more in depth synopsis for Maps To The Stars, which also included Rob's character description, the first two stills from Maps To The Stars were released today by Screen Daily and Variety.

And check it out! Rob's there with David Cronenberg, John Cusack and Olivia Williams.....

 photo DCMTTS.jpg

Oh I'm sorry. Did you miss him? Here. You can see him better in the second still with John Cusack.

 photo JCMTTS.jpg

What? Did you want a solo of Rob? Ok.

 photo Robaldo.jpg

Yes, that's right. Rob is still MIA on the set of Maps To The Stars - at least to our prying eyes. There have been several tweets suggesting he's in Toronto and he started filming this week but nothing concrete. For now, it's still a "Where's Robaldo??" situation. We'll keep you posted on...Robome? Do we have a name for him yet? Jerob? Rome?

In the meantime, we're still covering all Maps To The Stars news HERE so head over there if you're looking for more, if you want to be shown something you don't know. LOL ;)

Click for the unedited stills which are nowhere near the masterpieces in our ROBsessed edits.
 photo JohnCusack.jpg  photo DC.jpg
Photos by Caitlin Cronenberg. The legit ones. ;)


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