New/Old Pics Of Robert Pattinson From "The Haunted Airman"

 New/Old Pics Of Robert Pattinson From "The Haunted Airman"

I don't recall posting these before but if we did please forgive me. They're doing the rounds online so for those that haven't seen them already here are some new/old pics from The Haunted Airman. Definitely a Rob movie worth checking out if you haven't seen it but be warned if you have a problem with spiders (like me) be careful watching this ;} I had to watch it in 3 sittings!
On with the pics........................

There's no mistaking those eyes

 photo NOPE.gif

 photo RobertPattinsonTheHauntedAirman7.jpg

Click for Larger

 photo RobertPattinsonTheHauntedAirman7.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonTheHauntedAirman3.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonTheHauntedAirman1.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonTheHauntedAirman6.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonTheHauntedAirman5.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonTheHauntedAirman4.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonTheHauntedAirman2.jpg

You can catch glimpses of him wearing the airman costume in the trailer.

Thanks Nancy for the tip!

And if there's a chance that you haven't seen The Haunted Airman and want to get your hands on it you can do so by clicking the links below,

Amazon US & UK


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