FIRST LOOK 'The Rover' Teaser Trailer With Robert Pattinson & Guy Pearce

FIRST LOOK 'The Rover' Teaser Trailer With Robert Pattinson & Guy Pearce

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Oh who are we trying to kid, it's not possible to stay calm.

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It's time for The Rover teaser trailer. Yes the wait is OVER!
I hope you made all those arrangements that you needed to! Get comfortable....................

Here's the synopsis of The Rover:
A post-apocalyptic western about a lone wolf drifter who joins forces with a wounded man to pursue a sadistic band of thieves. A decade after the collapse of the western world, Australia has become a lawless wasteland. As desperate outsiders pillage the country’s precious mineral resources, taciturn Eric (Guy Pearce) travels from town to town searching for signs of life. Then, one day, Eric falls prey to vicious thieves who steal his car. In the process of making their getaway, the thieves abandon Rey (Robert Pattinson), their wounded partner-in-crime. Meanwhile Eric vows to reclaim his most treasures possession by whatever means necessary, and forces Rey to help him track down the men who left him for dead.
 WOW well what did you think of that then?
I'm sure you'll agree after looking at this that we are in for one hell of a ride with this movie. I think you can tell even from this small teaser that Rob seems to have the part of vulnerable Rey down to a tee! 
And what about the haunting voice of Guy Pearce as Eric saying: "The feeling that you have when you wake up in the morning. When your feet touch the floor. Or before that, when you’re lying there thinking about your feet hitting the floor. What feeling do you have? What does that feel like for you?”
It's such a perfect tease and is definitely leaving us wanting more! 
Don't forget to head over to You Tube and give it a big thumbs up. 
A24 also released a new still of Guy Pearce as Eric. Head over to our sister site TheRoverFilm to see it.

I made some screencaps of the teaser (like the one below) which you can check out HERE and you can also download zip files of the screencaps at that link too.

 photo TheRoverTeaserTrailer59.jpg

Gifs of Rob from the trailer (click for larger)

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