Robert Pattinson spotted at a photography shop in London + movie updates for Life and The Lost City of Z

Robert Pattinson spotted at a photography shop in London + movie updates for Life and The Lost City of Z

Rob's Life costar, Dane DeHaan, recently shared that he's working with a dialect coach to master James Dean's voice. These tweets today from a London based photography shop, Mr Cad, make us wonder if Rob is picking up a new hobby or doing some Dennis Stock research for Life as well.

 photo RobertPattinsongif021.gifThat's very cool! Mission: Blacklist won our recent poll for which Rob film you're looking forward to him filming (click HERE to see the results) but Life is my number one. The thought of Rob prepping to play Dennis Stock by, pardon the pun, stocking up on photography gear and learning he craft excites me. From personal experience, Rob's a great photographer. He made sure I got a good picture with him since my hands were vibrating phalanges. But I'm assuming much. Maybe Papa Pattinson asked him to go pick up some film. LOL

Another fun bit of Life news is from the director, Anton Corbijn, who premiered a film at Sundance (A Most Wanted Man). From the NYT:
He was only at Sundance for two days, heading directly to the set of his next production, “Life,” in Toronto. It’s the story of the relationship between James Dean and the Life magazine photographer Dennis Stock (played by Dane DeHaan and Robert Pattinson, respectively). 
We know the film is shooting in February but all the main players clearly getting prepped is just putting a spring in my step. Bring on 1950sRob! It's one of my favorite eras.

Not much else going on with the other films. Benedict Cumberbatch also mentioned prepping for The Lost City of Z (click HERE to read) and stating that it will be his next film. The last word on principal photography was summer 2014. No updates for Mission: Blacklist or The Childhood of a Leader. We are watching out for updates on the latter thought because the director, Brady Corbet, was also at Sundance for The Sleepwalker. Queen of the Desert is still filming and Nicole Kidman and James Franco have been spotted. No word on Rob's schedule on the set. And lastly, and sadly, Hold On To Me was removed from Rob's IMDb page. We removed it from our sidebar but we'll have to wait and see if it resurrects for Rob or turns into Unbound Captives.

Thanks Nancy for the tip!


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