VIDEOS: Behind The Scenes LOOK At Robert Pattinson As Rey In 'The Rover'

VIDEOS: Behind The Scenes LOOK At Robert Pattinson As Rey In 'The Rover'

Look what The Rover Movie Instagram posted!

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David  Michôd talks about casting Robert Pattinson in The Rover, about how he was his favourite AND we get a behind the scenes look!

First look at the great EPK footage from set! David Michôd on casting Guy Pearce as Eric.

You Tube (the 2 vids in 1)

Transcript (for those of you having trouble with David's accent ;))

"I knew that I wanted to see him and we looked at quite a few people and a number of, you know, quite big names and sure enough Rob came in and just straight away was my favourite. I wanted the character to be a guy who remembered a time when things were different. When I then started thinking about that I really then started thinking about Guy."

GIFs & Screencaps After The Cut

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 photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson1.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson5.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson3.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson2.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson6.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson4.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson8.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson7.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson9.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson10.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson12.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson11.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson16.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson17.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson20.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson19.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson24.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson26.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson25.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson27.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson28.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson36.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson35.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson37.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson39.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson41.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson40.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson44.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson43.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson47.jpg  photo TheRoverBTSwithRobertPattinson50.jpg


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