ROBsessed Giveaway: Who won Deceptive Innocence + we talked to Kyra Davis about Just One Night and Robert in Dior Homme!

ROBsessed Giveaway: Who won Deceptive Innocence + we talked to Kyra Davis about Just One Night and Robert in Dior Homme!

Last week, we announced the winners of JUST ONE NIGHT with Robert and promised to bring you guys an interview with the author, Kyra Davis. But before we get to that, we have to find out who won our worldwide giveaway for an eBook of Kyra's DECEPTIVE INNOCENCE!
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Congratulations! We'll contact you about receiving your eBook. Thanks to all who participated and if you'd like to know more about the book, click HERE to read the synopsis for DECEPTIVE INNOCENCE and the buy link for the book is at the bottom of the post.

Now on to our interview with Kyra Davis. Clearly you guys can understand the influence behind the first question. ;)

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First things first. You had me at Robert. And Robert wearing Dior Homme. ;) What was your inspiration behind creating this character and the life he lives, the career he's built?

I knew someone who was a little like Robert.  A very wealthy, self-made businessman from seriously messed up beginnings who, despite his influence and power, had managed to isolate himself through his own ambitions and his inability to compromise or play by anyone else's rules.  He was sort of a case-study. So I elaborated on that, used him as a jumping off point and then shaped the man I wanted to shape in the way I wanted to shape him. That's the awesome thing about writing fiction. I get to be a little like Frankenstein and take bits of different people and then add whatever else I need to make things more interesting and exciting...except unlike Dr. Frankenstein, the guys I create are hot.

MORE of our interview with Kyra after the cut!

I also liked your setting. I'm from LA and Vegas is a regularity. Why did you choose the City of Angeles for your characters to play in?

When I moved to LA from the Bay Area (6 years ago) one of the things I noticed is that even though the majority of Angelinos are pretty laid back there's another segment of the city's population that is anything but. And the ambition and the wealth here in LA has a very different quality than the wealth and ambition in the Bay Area. There are more millionaires per capita in the Bay Area then there are in LA but in the Bay Area the truly wealthy people are Silicon Valley geeks (and I use that word affectionately). They're often kind of shy and they're reticent to make displays of their wealth (I mean, Mark Zuckerberg drives a Honda FIT). But in LA? There are very few wilting-wallflower millionaires in LA. And the people who are striving to get ahead, they want it all. The career, the power and influence, the house, the car, the personal trainer, the expensive parties held at the best rooftop bars, everything. And I'm not judging. If I had the money I'd buy a Tesla too (which is ironically built in the Bay Area). I just find it interesting and it's a rich mining ground for juicy, dramatic fictional stories. So I created characters who existed in that world and just set them loose!

Have you ever been to Vegas? I swear most women know that fantasy you open the story with because it has crossed their minds even fleetingly as they cross high rollers. 

A-hem, weeelll, yes. I guess you could say I've "been there, done that."  I've been to Vegas and I had my weekend with the high roller. We're getting married in June. 

But I swear to God, I'm not Kasie and he's not Dade. That said, our first weekend at the Venetian together? That might have inspired a few things. I actually met him in LA and it was after our second date that he asked if he could fly me out to Vegas.  There was none of this, don't-tell-me-your-name stuff that exists in the book. Still, it was quite an adventure! Taking limos around that city, staying in an insanely beautiful and expansive suite, having casino managers go out of their way to stop by and say hello, shopping at places like Saks and Stuart Weitzman with blackjack winnings, enjoying complimentary spa services at what is literally considered to be one of the best spas in the nation not to mention the incredibly strong chemistry I had with the man by my side ...I felt a little like a Bond girl. It's certainly not how we live back here in LA. But that's the thing about Vegas, it's a fantasy-based economy. You can be a Bond girl for a weekend and then come back and be...well, you.

Without giving away anything, what do you hope readers understand about Kasie's journey?

Kasie desperately wants to be the woman everybody wants her to be and she's trying. But that's just not her. When you repress your true nature you tend to make some really bad choices and Kasie definitely isn't the exception to that rule. Her journey is one in which she learns to accept and deal with the consequences of her own actions. More importantly it's a journey in which she slowly discovers her true self buried beneath all the expectations of others. 

If you could cast your characters, do you have any actors in mind you'd be willing to share?

On January 21st I'm going to have an on-air chat (via Google's Hangout-On-Air) with Anson Mount, the star of AMC's  Hell On Wheels; he would be a GREAT Mr. Dade.  Kasie's harder...maybe Mila Kunis?

Final question and off topic...on a scale of 1-10, how hot do you think Robert Pattinson is? (Hint: any number above 11 is the correct answer *wink*)

Ha, well he's a little young for me, but I'm sure if I was still in my 20s I'd be angling for a way to meet him. I'll give him a solid 10+.

Thanks to Kyra Davis for being a good sport there on the last question. ;) You know we had to ask. Here are the Amazon links if you'd like to purchase any of her books.

We'll be back next Fiction Friday with another giveaway!


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